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    Thank You & Which Is The Best FTA Satellite

    Hello There First things first, I want to once again thank the people of this board, who have helped me the past week. Yesterday, after feeling I wasn't going to find what it was I wanted, I thought it best to move the entire satellite to another location, and start over. After moving it...
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    A Few Questions... Please Help

    Hello There I first would like to thank the fine people who helped me out last week with my search to find Galaxy 10R. The info and help was greatly appreciated. I would have come back and thanked everyone sooner, but I fell under the weather the past few days. Okay, I know most people...
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    Just Can't Locate Galaxy 10R

    Hello There I am having the hardest time finding Galaxy 10R. Not that that isn't the norm for that satellite. I have been reading for the past week tons and tons throughout the net, and I seem to be having the same problem alot of others have had. I bought a 33" Dish and Linear LNB, simply...