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    Does anyone know of an installer in the Suffolk, Virginia area? I need to see if a chimney mount would get over top of my neighbors trees. I can't seem to find anyone. Thanks.
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    Separate Satellite

    I have such an incredibly small line of sight, I cannot pick up local channels on my sat. Does anyone know if I can set up another dish to tune in the local channels satellite(I forgot which satellite that is), and then connect the two dishes through a multi-switch? Has anyone ever tried that...
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    Signal Help

    I had directv for 7 years and then moved back in November. At the new house, the installer told me that I had no line of site. (I'm not how he knew as he showed up after dark) I actually found a spot that is getting signal. I have a ovl 3 dish and am getting around 91 locked on sat. 101 on all...