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    Remote not working in one room

    Okay my problem, I have hws, the remote works great in all of the room,and outside except one room. This room is the closest to the hws, I can even see it. However the remote is very slugest in this room, keep moving it around and it will work. So is there anything I can do fit it, or find...
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    Show not recording

    Okay, I'm having another problem. I had the HWS for a few weeks. I recorded the golf, about an hour the recording goes black. Also I record nascar, it shows 4 hr recording, but stop after about an hour. The actual time of stoping I do no know or if I can reproduce this. Is this another...
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    Netflix goes to black on hopper.

    I have has and super Joey. Netflix works on the Joey, but not the hopper. I have try the reboot, Chanel 370, the app, none of them work. The hopper is hard wire to my network and Internet, pandora works and other apps. So any ideas?
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    DVR DSX3600-m

    Per the spec, this unit has a DOCSIS 3.0 modem gig bit network port. When connected to the cable shouldn't this unit act as a cable modem. Therefore I wouldn't need a separate modem for the Internet, just a wireless router connected to the network port. Thank for your comments..
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    Dish anywhere guide not show

    I have hopper with the sling adapter. Now I can not see the guide, all other item ( spots, dvr, showcase) is working. Is this a problem with dish, or I'm I doing something wrong? Thanks
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    Dishanywhere not showing guide

    I have hopper and the sling adapter. There is no guide, it's seem to start down but nothing. The other item, my dvr, sports seem to work. Is the an on going problem? Dish please fix Thank
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    Dump Verizon after 10 year.

    Well I been a fizo internet for over ten years, my speed was 10/2. Well Verizon decided to increase my cost to $65. When I call, they said you have higher speed 50/50. Just click on up my speed and you will a new supper fast router. So I did. After two week and no router, I call. We no...
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    Dish anywhere as a remote

    It nice that we can use the iPhone app dish anywhere as a remote on the hopper. I would also like to my iPhone as a remote for the Joey. Can this be done? If so how Thank Posted Via The FREE SatelliteGuys Reader App!
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    Why we need a data plan with SmarthPhone

    1. The Wireless company keep saying they don't have enough bandwidth for unlimited data for the smartphone, but they will not let you connect a smartphone without a data plan. This make no sense unless it about the money. 2. The new faster network, you are moving the same amount of data...
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    purchase smartphone for some else.

    I would like to know the following. I have a friend, whom need a new smartphone, his contract is not up. I have a plain simple phone (no data plan) which I like, and I'm eligible for a new phone. I would like to purchase the smartphone, sign the two agreement, and give the phone to the...
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    Dish anywhere buffering

    I was away from home, try to use dish anywhere on a med. Internet connection. Got on,guide works great. Started to watch a show, no good, started okay, then got worst. Is there anyway to buffer the connection the connection on am iPad/iPhone? Buffering work really well on the roku box and...
  12. R and iphone

    I see that dishanywhere.con now we can what show on demand form the network and other, similar to HULU. This seem to work only on the PC, not on the Iphone dishanywhere app. or did I miss something. Are these on demand TV shows also available on the Hopper? I have the Hopper plus Sling...
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    Ipad transfer

    The iPad transfer seem to be a good app, my question is that when will this app work with hopper and sling adapter? Or do dish expect us to upgrade? Thank
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    App for hopper an joey

    Are there other app we can add to the hopper, or are just stuck with what dish is showing?
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    Sling adapter needs a tunner

    I was recording 3 shows, I could not connect the sling adapter, all I wanted to do is to watch a recorded show, same as I would do using the Joey. What the need for a tuner, I thought the tuners were needed for the dish. Can this be fix? Thanks
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    manual for the 20.0 and 21.0

    Is there a manual, or techinal refenece for the 20.0 and 21.0. remote. I found on this site, a learning manual. but look for more information like how to increase the UHF distance, etc.
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    remote uhf power enhancement

    I have read somewhere but I can not find the thread. What is the code (button to push) increase the uhf remote distance on the 6/0 remote.