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    Moving in July, lease doesnt accept DTV

    im moving in july have about 10mths left on my DTV contract. the apartment lease specifically says they dont allow dtv, only cable. trust must i would love to keep dtv, tw is garbage in this area hardly any hd channels. this was pretty much the only apartment i could find in my price range where...
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    RCREDIT-02 on my account, whats it for?

    Hi, got my bill this week and noticed the increase that everyone was talking about, Plus Hd dvr monthly now $79.99. Then when i went to pay online i saw that there was this credit on my account a few days later that says RCREDIT-02 ($4.00). This wasnt on the paper bill. Are they grandfathering...
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    HR22-100 VERY SLOW!

    This exactly problem is happening to me. Very frequently since the new software upgrade. I now pretty much no longer change channels with numbers anymore. i exclusively use the guide or set favorites. Its frustrating, at first i thought it was low batteries, changed batteries. Tried different...
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    Understanding DTV Credits and how to get them.

    any new promos now that it is a new month?
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    SD receiver upgrade to HD receiver

    when was your last receiver upgrade? the usual deal is $99 for a HD-DVR upgrade if you havent had a receiver upgrade in over 6 months.
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    Sports Pack free preview?

    what a waste of the free preview. at least offer it during the weekend when you can get some out of market college football games that don't get blacked out. that would really entice some buyers. otherwise its just a waste of money(unless you're into sports talk shows and what not).
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    Directv online guide needs work

    Is anyone else here frustrated with the way Directv has their online guide. They should let you be able to customize and personalize it the same way you can with your receiver. Its a hassle to scroll downs 100's of useless channels to find the program i want to schedule a recording for. How...
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    Logic behind hardware protection program

    It is definately worth it if you live in the northeast where you get bad winter storms or anywhere in the suburbs where you get tree growth. Ive used it two times in the last 4months. Once because the Optical port on my DVR was no longer working. They sent me a brand new HR-22 replacing my...
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    deals for existing customers?

    Maybe im wrong but from what i understand is that as long as your account is in good standing and you have at least the choice package, the unofficial policy is to give current customers one free upgrade every 6 months. for example, you can upgrade your standard box to an HD box or an HD box to...
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    Cant connect to receiver w/wireless bridge

    Thanks for the advice. I got it working. I just had to set the ip address on the HR22 to anything other than the bridge ip address.
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    Cant connect to receiver w/wireless bridge

    you're right, i do need to have a different ip than my bridged router. Im kinda a newbie to all this but im learning quick. question though, how do i assign the directv dvr an ip address? its not like my laptop where i go into the tcp/ip properties and assign it a static ip to connect to the...
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    Cant connect to receiver w/wireless bridge

    I have two Netgear WNR834Bv2 wireless routers. Both have DD-WRT mini firmware on them. One is main router and one is setup as a wireless bridge for use with my Directv HR22 DVR. The bridge is setup with a static ip. Before you ask i have tested the wireless bridge and it works fine when using a...