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  1. rjruby

    Mark at DishDepot Retiring

    Just received this email from Mark at DishDepot. Too bad. I've bought most of my Dish hardware from him many times over the years. Great guy to deal with. Thank You For Your Business Well established domain name for sale after 23 years. Visit our website to purchase
  2. rjruby

    Hopper 3s updated to U507

    My two Hopper 3s were updated to software version U507 during the night. Haven't had a chance to see what's changed.
  3. rjruby

    U231 Available on Hopper with Sling

    My 2 HWSs were updated to U231 during the night. Haven't noticed anything new yet.
  4. rjruby

    U228 Now On Hopper With Sling

    My two Hopper With Slings were updated to U228 during the night.
  5. rjruby

    U224 is now out on HWS

    Just got it last night on one of my two HWSs
  6. rjruby

    TiVo Launches the $400 TiVo Roamio OTA 1TB with lifetime subscription From the article: The TiVo Roamio OTA 1TB will be available for a one-time price of $399.99. TiVo Roamio OTA features include: Storage: 1TB (up to 150 HD hours) Tuners: 4 tuners Content navigation (at your...
  7. rjruby

    Latest Roku 3 Firmware Update Causing ARC Problem With Home Theater System

    I have my HWS connected to an HDMI input on my Yamaha AVR along with a Sony Blu-Ray player, Roku 3 and TiVo Roamio OTA. The HDMI output of the AVR is connected to the HDMI1 (ARC) input on my Sharp 844U TV. The AVR input is normally set to the HWS. I configured the TV (Aquos Link) and AVR to use...
  8. rjruby

    TiVo Roamio OTA DVR with Lifetime Service Back in Stock at Amazon

    Just ordered one.
  9. rjruby

    New Magnavox OTA DVRs

    Saw this info on CNET from CES for new Magnavox OTA DVRs coming later this year. From the article: "The three new Magnavox models -- the MDR877H/F7 ($400), TB560HP/F7 ($450), and TB560HS/F7 ($500) -- are all due out in the fourth...
  10. rjruby

    Roamio OTA HD DVR - No longer on Tivo's Website

    Had this on-line chat with Tivo after I couldn't find the Roamio OTA HD DVR on their website: Joseph (?11?/?7?/?2015? ?10?:?27?:?50? ?AM): Welcome to TiVo Sales Chat! How can I assist you today? Me (?11?/?7?/?2015? ?10?:?29?:?21? ?AM): I cannot locate the Roamio OTA HD DVR on your website. Is...
  11. rjruby

    Hopper with Sling Software Upgraded to S523

    Received S523 on my 2 HWSs last night. Don't know yet what was changed/fixed/broken :biggrin
  12. rjruby

    Any Replacement Hopper with Sling Installation Tips ?

    I'll be receiving a replacement Hopper with Sling tomorrow to replace one of the two Hopper with Slings on my system that is defective. The working Hopper with Sling has one Joey linked to it and has Internet bridging enabled. The defective Hopper with Sling does not have any Joeys linked to...
  13. rjruby

    Dish Chairman Ergen to Add CEO Title

    Joe Clayton to retire; wireless, streaming efforts to continue
  14. rjruby

    AT&T Gives More Than 50 Million Mobile Share Value Subscribers Shareable Rollover Data
  15. rjruby

    New OTA Channels Added Automaticcaly on 1 HWS, not on the 2nd.

    I have 2 HWSs with OTA. My local Fox affiliate, WTXF Channel 29 in Philadelphia, recently added 2 digital sub-channels, 29-02 and 29-03. When I checked my OTA channels on my family room HWS the new channels were already in the program guide and working. When I checked my OTA channels on my...
  16. rjruby

    Office applications won’t start after installing July updates

    Last week I got the following message on my PC running Windows 8 when I tried to start any Office 2013 application: "An error occurred. We couldn't start your program. Please try starting it again. If it won't start, try repairing Office from ‘Programs and features’ in the Control Panel" which...
  17. rjruby

    Pioneer Sell Home CE Business Another one bites the dust!
  18. rjruby

    Anyone with feedback on international IPTV boxes

    My sister-in-law is moving to an apartment that does not have a patio/balcony so there is no way to install a Dish system for her to get the Arabic Language packages on 118.7. I was considering signing her up for the Arabic package on DishWorld since she would have high speed internet...
  19. rjruby

    Two Joey Software Versions Available. What's the difference?

    My Hopper with Sling indicates that there are two software versions available for the Joey: S362 and S455. S362 is loaded on my linked Joey. What's the difference between the two versions? How is it determined which one is to be downloaded to the Joey? Thanks. Bob
  20. rjruby

    Helmet to Helmet Penalty

    Watching the Broncos-Chargers game yesterday there a couple of times when two Charger defenders collided helmet-to-helmet with each other. If it would have been a defensive player colliding helmet-to-helmet with an offensive player or vice-versa a penalty would have been called. If the NFL is...