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  1. rabbitt83

    WOW cable box

    I got wow service I got a Scientific Atlanta Set-top boxes Explorer 4250HDC Yesterday it went out Wh reed n the hdmi is plugged in U see the cable channel and it says no data is the box out? I put new hdmi cable and it still says no data Hrlp Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. rabbitt83

    RCA 751R yagi outdoor antenna

    Hi my name is LARRY I live in hazel park mi am buying this rca antenna It picks up to 70 miles away There is a YouTube video Showing the install on YouTube This antenna should get me to watch Canadian tv I can get almost every local channel on my indoor antenna Except the Canadian locals my...
  3. rabbitt83

    Cumpass For Finding Satelites

    what kind of cumpass do the dish installers use to find satelites , when they do installs
  4. rabbitt83

    Detroit Locals

  5. rabbitt83

    canadian providors

    i have a friend in austin tx who moved from edmonton ab. he has dish right now but wants to get cbc with starchoice
  6. rabbitt83

    cbc , ctv tsn

    i want to watch cbc ctv and tsn im in detroit michigan can i get it on c band
  7. rabbitt83

    big ten network & espn extra

    any news if comcast is carrying big ten network and espn extra
  8. rabbitt83

    detroit dish installers

    acording to claude at dish store, he said that the reason that dish installers claim no line of sight, is becouse they get payed weather they do the install or not, and they can avoid anything that might be hard, now dish store will install couse claude wants the bisness, dish store is better...
  9. rabbitt83

    the israeli channel

    is the israeli channel 61.5
  10. rabbitt83

    samsung 26 premier dyna flat hdtv monitor txn2570 whf

    what does everyone think of this wide screen hd tv
  11. rabbitt83

    Food Network Hd

    anyone notice how beautiful the colors are and such a great picture on food network hd
  12. rabbitt83

    dish in southfield michigan

    how can i find out if when dish installs i can get dish 500 and a dish for 61.5 for hd and internationals
  13. rabbitt83

    What Is The Difference Between Dish & Att Dish ?

    anyone what is different between att and dish
  14. rabbitt83

    World harvest Television (WHT)

    how come wht is on direct tv and not dish
  15. rabbitt83

    upgrade from the 311 to the 211

    whats the easyist way
  16. rabbitt83

    211 service

    a friend of mine had dish up untill july got his service turned off he can still get the hd preview channel on his 211, his roomate is getting new service with dish this week, when they come out and turn on the service will the 211 still work on his hd tv
  17. rabbitt83

    211 Equptment Charge

    WHEN I UPGRADED MY 811 for a 211 i payed them the 49 dollars upgrade fee, i just got my bill and there is a charge for 49 dollars for equptment charge, are they double chargeing me for the upgrade
  18. rabbitt83

    What Is A Stb,

  19. rabbitt83

    Female HDMI to Male DVI Adapter

    is this the right adopter for the 211
  20. rabbitt83

    dish just scared my landlord into not doing the 811 upgrade

    dish just scared my landlord into cancel the hd 811-211 upgrade when the employeee tonya EMPLOYEE1iL told her that they would charge her card if she did not return the recevier,, my landlord was only putting her card up to exclange the 811 for the 211 , i told her they would not charge her card...