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  1. davinci78

    Switching from Dish to Directv

    I have an install date a month out, and worrying that I may not have LOS for directv's satellites. I have an Eastern pointing dish for HD from Dish Network and a SW pointing dish for all other channels from Dish. I have a lot of trees out about 65-80 feet from location of SW pointing...
  2. davinci78

    Problems with 61.5

    Anyone else having problems with 61.5. Just got this installed Thurs. and all of a sudden this morning, while switching hd channels, I get nothing. Trying to acquire sattelite signal for past 10 mins. and not getting anywhere. Anyone have any suggestions? I'm going to try and power cycle and...
  3. davinci78

    Piss Poor Customer Service

    Dish may have lost a potential customer if they can't rectify the situation they've created. I signed up on Feb 2 for the dvr advantage with hd, they contacted they're local installer and he came by the house when no one was home and cancelled the order because HE said No Line Of Sight. Dish...
  4. davinci78

    Want to change from Comcast to Dish

    I am seriously looking to switch to Dish come Feb.1 as I have become very unhappy with Comcast dvr, service, CR. and VALUE. My current bill is: 63.45 for Digital cable with On Demand (100 channels, of which my family and I watch approx. 10-15 of those.) DVR HDTV 2 @ 9.95 apiece =...