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  1. Wirelezz

    Dish remote code to control a Sony XR-55A80J TV

    I'm hoping someone here might have been here before me and can provide me with the 4 digit code for the Sony XR-55A80J TV. Dish's pairing method has been nothing more than a frustrating exercise in futility! There are 42 codes showing for Sony TV's, the problem is I can't get beyond about the...
  2. Wirelezz

    Alexa DISH Skill not working with Joey 3?

    I recently upgraded one of my Joey 2's to a Joey 3 only to find out that it's not working with the Alexa DISH Skill. I've redone the process of getting the code from the Alexa App on the Hopper 3 receiver, etc. (multiple times), to no avail. The DISH Skill is working OK with the bedroom Joey 2...
  3. Wirelezz

    Receiving HD CH 81 on my single LNB Dish!?

    Can someone explain this? I set up my new HR10-250 yesterday (Mon., 1/30), and when I called D* to activate, to my TOTAL SURPRISE the CSR told me that the HD West coast waivers I had requested last Fri. were approved and in place!!! This after being told the process would take up to 45 days and...