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  1. julesism

    winegard ds-1111 replacement? OTA addon mount

    I'm looking for a Winegard DS-1111. I'd like to try combining my Dish and OTA antenna to one pole/mount. It looks like it's been discontinued. I've found an eBay seller that's got it for around $30. Anyone know of any alternatives or other suggestions? Thanks in advance :)
  2. julesism

    FOR SALE Dish 211z and DirecTV AM21

    Hello. I've got a Dish 211z receiver and a DirecTV AM21 OTA receiver up for grabs. The 211z was purchased last year and was replaced by a Wally a few months ago. I've been sitting on the DTV AM21 for over a year. $70 for the Dish 211z and $100 for the DirecTV AM21. Prices include shipping. Will...
  3. julesism

    skew on single sat/dish?

    I understand how skew is important when aiming at multiple sats on a single dish, but does dish or LNB skew matter when aiming for a single sat? I use a dedicated 90cm dish for 61.5 to help pull in locals. I'm on the edge of the spotbeam and I barely get a signal on the 90cm dish (between 7-14)...
  4. julesism

    replace 211z with a Wally questions

    Hello. We have a 211z on our account setup as a tailgater receiver. We do not use it much but it gets the job done when we need it. We are considering replacing it with a Wally. I have two questions: 1) We paid the $40 one time charge to allow us to connect an external hard drive to the 211z...
  5. julesism

    beIN Sports HD english feed stuck on Spanish audio?

    beIN Sports HD (English feed) on 871 seems to be set on Spanish audio. The last two La Liga games have had Spanish commentary and the audio level is very soft. The SD version is in English. Can anyone else with 871 check and verify? While we are talking beIN Sports, I've noticed that the SD...
  6. julesism

    "moving" for locals

    Long time no see :) After several years using Cable and/or IPTV, I'm back on the Dish for TV. Before I ask my question, is discussing "moving" for locals frowned on or can I proceed?
  7. julesism

    Showcase HD

    Am I the only one hoping BEV adds Showcase HD soon? My understanding is it's on SC.
  8. julesism

    Wanted: BEV 3100 or 5100

    looking for a BEV 3100 or 5100 with new card, no balance :) plz pm if you have more info. thx.