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  1. samuelrock

    WANTED Looking for old 90s era DTV and Bell cards

    This may seam a bit quirky but, in all the years I have worked in with satellites one of the things I started collecting at some point was satellite access cards and SIM cards for cellular networks.. I am looking to fill in a few empty spots in my collection. This has nothing to do with...
  2. samuelrock

    Grimlens in tonight!!

    It wont let me login tonight..
  3. samuelrock

    Anyone ever put a motor on a 90cm Channel Master

    I am wanting to set up a movable 90cm I am thinking of using a 90cm Channel Master retired from Primestar. I think this dish is a bit heaver than most of the FTAs that are on the market.. Have any of you motorized a 90cm Channel Master if so what motor did you use and has it held up for you?
  4. samuelrock

    BirDog and 117W

    I am trying to hit Eutelsat 117W and my birdog won't lock.. I can hit 101W and 121W no issue, I am up to about 80db signal on what I think is 117. Any one have issues with the Birdog Ultra locking this bird lately? I was hoping to get the dishs all up to par before doing inside wire but i'm...
  5. samuelrock

    Picked my New To Me BUD today.....

    Picked up a WineGard Mesh dish today...
  6. samuelrock


    I would like to put my CETI stats in my signature, But it tells me it is spam like. Is there any way around this?
  7. samuelrock

    H-180 for BUD

    Any one know of a source for a Horizon to Horizon setup for C-band 12' Thanks
  8. samuelrock

    Over Complicated 5 Bird DirecTV Setup

    Ok, Despite the fact that I once owned a DirecTV Installation business and that my day in and day out is working with electronics, I need some input on this one.... I currently do not have any HD feeds from Dave, I also have a 3 dish setup composed of 3 channel master / andrew type 100 dishes...