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  1. JamesJ

    FOR SALE Hoobs smart home system

    Anyone have any interest in a LIKE NEW used only a week by my brother Hoobs smart home system, he Used it for 5 days and decided it wasnt for him...asking 200... Thanks
  2. JamesJ

    FOR SALE nvidia shield pro 2019

    VERY Little use, was running a plex server on it but went back to my desktop running it...asking 150 shipped will come with box and remote!
  3. JamesJ

    FOR SALE Streamers

    In cleaning out my streamer closet (I will have the other thread closed as I will just use this main one if thats okay) I have for sale 1 fire cube (2nd gen) 2 fire stick 4ks and only 2 remotes asking 135 for everything...willing to divide up or take offers 1 apple tv 4k previous...
  4. JamesJ

    FOR SALE 2 apple tv 4ks.

    I have two apple tv 4ks that have really no use on them (I got them from spectrum for a month of service until I switched back to fiber) they are in great condition asking 80 shipped each...any questions let me know.
  5. JamesJ

    SOLD!! Syber pc

    Any interest in a syber gaming pc? Its a core i5- with 16 gigs of ram and a 256 gig ssd with a 1 tb hard drive...It has a nividia 1060 gtx in it, my son is wanting to sell it to get a xbox to play with his friends, I am asking 425, but He really wants to sell it so make an offer, thanks all...
  6. JamesJ

    FOR SALE Epson 4040

    Anyone interested in a epson 4040 projector less then one year use on it (so it still has over Two years of warranty) great working projector with less then 400 hours use on it at time of writing..shelf mounted great shape...asking 1250 plus shipping..Was bought from epson as a refurb projector...
  7. JamesJ

    FOR SALE 3 tivo stream 4k for sale

    I have 3 like new tivo stream 4k devices, comes with everything in package, asking 40 a piece shipped..willing to work on a deal as well let me know :)
  8. JamesJ

    FOR SALE Alexa Sale

    I have several alexa items for sale let me know if you are interested in all or any 4 echo dots gen 2 Mint condition 25 dollars a piece paypal friends and family, willing to work a deal for all 1 echo gen 2 speaker mint condition 40 dollars paypal friends and family 1 echo show 5 near mint 40...
  9. JamesJ

    FOR SALE For sale, 2 apple tv 4ks, one harmony hub+remote

    Apple tv 4ks, there are two of them and each will include a mount that hides them behind your tv...Asking 145 each shipped if you do paypal friends and family to help with cost great condition remotes included Harmony hub and remote (the baisc harmony hub remote) this has scratches and remote...
  10. JamesJ

    FOR SALE Neato d4 2 months use

    I have a neato d4 robot vac that has 2 months use on it, sadly my tile floors grout is a little deep so it tends to get stuck in the kitchen and my wifes approval factor has gone down hill...I bought for 399, asking 225 shipped, still sells for over 500 bucks...this is a great vac that uses...
  11. JamesJ

    FOR SALE Sony HW40es projector

    I have a sony HW40es projector that as of this moment has 312 hours on bulb ( 2nd bulb). Original bulb has been pulled at around 1500 hours because I go overkill in that area...Anyways projector has been in a closet mount situation, and VERY well taken care of, Smoke free home, Filters...
  12. JamesJ

    FOR SALE Caavo Control center

    This has two weeks use on it, it is a great device...very smart deep integration HDMI switcher you can run by voice. I have done away with my tivo and directv setup and I am down to just A apple tv 4k on this tv...Asking 40 shipped but open to offers Also Have a firestick 4k for 25...
  13. JamesJ

    Channels App

    Checking out all the cord cutting news I ran across the channel app and all the updates they have done in the last year or so. I will admit I saw them last year but didnt pay much attention but now, they blew me away with what they could do. They act as a guide and dvr service and at 8 a month...
  14. JamesJ

    tivo stream 4k This could be very interesting...LOVE my tivo
  15. JamesJ

    FOR SALE Amazon recast dvr 1 tb 4 tuner model

    Little to NO use on it as I decided to stick it out with tivo for a bit longer...this works flawlessly with amazon fire tv...asking 185 shipped, can include express shipping if you want to try and get it by christmas for a extra charge!
  16. JamesJ

    FOR SALE 4 google home minis

    I have 4 google home minis, 2 white, 2 charcoal, one is in a Plug mount kit that you would just plug in and it is mounted on your wall....I would love to sell as a lot or trade for some amazon echos or maybe like 1 echo show 5 or anything echo really lol...if sold as a lot asking 60 plus shipping.
  17. JamesJ

    FOR SALE 2 apple watches

    I have for sale 2 apple watches One Original sport 42 mm with a nice leather band ($80). It will come also with a lunatik epic case for rugged protection and this stand has had a skin on face...
  18. JamesJ

    Mesh Network or linksys wrt1900acs

    Okay I have a 2400 square foot ranch that when the basement is finished will be well over 4000 square feet....I am upgrading my network and making sure all my streamers and equipment work....also a goal is to be able to control access to certain devices (i.e. boys wake up they need to make...
  19. JamesJ

    SOLD!! 2 Apple Tv's for sale, one remote package deal

    I have two apple tvs that are in great shape, got them with directv now and not sticking with service, One remote broke (thank you children) but is controlled great from a harmony or like remote. I am asking 160 shipped for both (32 gig) 2 apple tv 32 gigs one siri remote Thanks! and Happy...
  20. JamesJ

    Roku os 7.5

    Anyone receive this update yet? I have a couple roku streamers no update. I am hearing this will hopefully help vue make a lot better program for the streamer. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk