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  1. WJMorales

    VIP-622 DVR 5.1 audio via HDMI putput?

    Does the VIP-622 DVR pass thru 5.1 audio via the HDMI output to the audio receiver? I personally have not experienced this problem, but then again my Onkyo receiver up converts the audio.
  2. WJMorales

    Complete Loss of Signal From 61.5

    Has anyone currently lost signal from the 61.5 satellite?
  3. WJMorales

    L3.60 Released For VIP-622

    07/26/2006: 1148 Software Version L3.60 for ViP 622 DVR Effective Thursday, July 27th, Engineering plans to spool the FULL PHASE of software version L3.60 for the ViP 622 DVR receiver. This is primarily a non-forced maintenance release available at ALL satellite locations. At this time...
  4. WJMorales

    VIP 211 & Philips 42PF9630A/37 Plasma HDTV

    I am not getting audio output through HDMI port with the above mentioned setup. The only way I can regain audio output is by disconnecting the HDMI cable and reconnecting it. Anyone with this issue? I've tried reseting the VIP 211 (cold & warm boot). Changing channels.
  5. WJMorales

    Additional Service Fees

    Are the Additional Receivers Access Fees Waived when you subscribe to Dish HD Platinum?
  6. WJMorales

    Wapa America Atención subscriptores de DISH Network Respondiendo a las múltiples llamadas que hemos recibido preguntando sobre la posibilidad de que WAPA America esté próximamente en DISH Network, queremos informarles que WAPA America está en negociaciones...
  7. WJMorales

    211 HD Locals Not In Guide

    I scanned and added my HD Locals on my 211, they are not showing up in the guide. I have good signal strength on all channels, except CBS. I also, can not tune to the HD channels manually. Anyone else having trouble with HD locals not showing up on the guide?
  8. WJMorales

    Upgrading Programming w/Pending Work Order Question?

    Has anyone had sucess upgrading their programming to the new Metallic packages, that has an open work order? I ordered a 622 on 02/01/06. I was given an install date of 02/27/06. I bought a 211 on 02/03/06 and after days on trying to get it activated, I was finally successful, however my 811...
  9. WJMorales

    Are Chicago MPEG4 Locals Available?

    Any one in Chicago Land getting there locals in MPEG4 yet?
  10. WJMorales

    VIP211 / Dish 411

    What are the differences between these two units? Or are the same?
  11. WJMorales

    Software Release 811 L 3.33

    What does it fix and what does it mess up?
  12. WJMorales

    Prestige 800 UPS 800VA, 560W

    I have 4 of these units for sale. $250.00 plus $40.00 shipping each. Mfg # D0812001242C. The Powerware Prestige is a versatile uninterruptible power system (UPS) designed to protect your workstations, centralized multi-server sites, and telecommunications equipment. Protecting your business...
  13. WJMorales

    DP LNB Insallation on ChannelMaster 1.2 Meter Dish

    Has anyone tried installing a DP Twin or Quad to a ChannelMaster 1.2 or 1.8 meter dish? Installation pics would also be helpful. Thanks!!
  14. WJMorales

    Tested MPEG-4 Channels @ Team Simmit 2005

    Does anyone recall the MPEG-4 test channels Dish was showing at Team Summit?
  15. WJMorales

    Now that's Voom's fate is know.

    Can some Voomers tell us about the Voom 21 channels. How is the material? Original or Upconverted? Are they 720p or 1080i? How do they compare to other HD materials on Dish or DTV? How do they compare to Off Air HD? Most important do you think Dish & DTV should add the VOOM 21 channels?
  16. WJMorales

    Who Will Own Rainbow-1 after FCC Rules on Sale of Rainbow DBS Licenses?

    Dude, you sure have a vivid imagination!
  17. WJMorales

    SOme Observation Regarding 625 & 942

    Small Observation Regarding 625 & 942 No new info, but Dish has posted the software versions for these models. Anyone of release dates, yet?
  18. WJMorales

    WrestleMania 21 In HD?

    I read WWE purchased some HD equipment a while back. Has anyone heard if the Super Bowl of men in tights will be in HD?
  19. WJMorales

    2.84 Spooling for 811

    Post bugs & Fixes here.
  20. WJMorales

    2.84 Spooling for 811

    Post bugs and fixes here.