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  1. Andrew K

    Anyone Got a Dish Pointed at 40.5°W?

    Does anyone have a C-band dish pointed at 40.5°W? I'm curious what people can receive, particularly with only a 6' dish, and where their location is. These are all circularly polarized.
  2. Andrew K

    90 cm Dish Compared to a 76 cm (Or Even Bigger)

    Ever since I've gotten into FTA a few years ago, I've always been using a 76 cm Ku dish. Right now, I have it stationary at 30°W. I've seen people highly recommend going to at least 90 cm, but I don't understand why this would make much, if any, difference. Are there signals I'm missing? The...
  3. Andrew K

    SES 2 @ 87°W With a 6' Dish

    I'm curious if there is anyone in this forum who can tell me what results I can expect with a 6' dish pointed at 87°W. I checked the footprint, and I'm in the 42 dBW EIRP here in Ohio. What channels are available here with a 6' dish?
  4. Andrew K

    Which Satellite Should I Point At?

    Hi everyone, I live in Ohio, and I'm considering setting up a stationary C-band dish. I have a spot that has a clear view from 30W to around 90W, and I'm primarily interested in Spanish language programming. Does anyone know of a good dish I can purchase and have shipped? Does anyone know...
  5. Andrew K

    1.2 Meter Dish Compared to 0.76 Meter

    Right now, I'm u sing a 76 cm dish for all my Ku channels from 15W to 129W. I have a pretty sturdy setup with a pole mounted to my roof with the base plate bolted to a roof truss below and diagonal braces also attached to roof trusses preventing movement front-to-back and side-to-side (see my...
  6. Andrew K

    GEOSATpro Screen Flickers to Blank Screen When Changing Channels

    I got my MicroHD yesterday and set it up last night. One thing I noticed right away is that the screen sometimes goes blank for about a second when I flip the channels. Is that normal? I have the latest 8/29 firmware. Flipping channels doesn’t seem to be very smoothly done. Sometimes the...
  7. Andrew K

    Killed My Openbox S10... Now What??

    I uploaded new firmware to my S10 not realizing that it was a clone. It's now dead. Is it possible to fix, or should I look at a new receiver?
  8. Andrew K

    New to C-band, looking for 6' starter dish.

    The picture above shows the type of dish that would be ideal for me. I like how it has the circular shaped base to set the dish on. I'm having a difficult time finding one of these. Does anyone know of a reputable supplier with a good price??? I would like a 6' dish to start me into...
  9. Andrew K

    Circular Ku Channels

    Help - Need Correct Settings for Invacom QPH-031 The picture above shows my settings. I'm using the Invacom QPH-031 which I just installed today, but I haven't been able to lock into any circular signals. I've figured out to how receive the linear signals using an LNB frequency of 10750 and...
  10. Andrew K

    Mounting Dish to Roof w/ Monopole Brace

    I recently moved my dish to a new location on my roof. I'm have a motorized dish mounted on a pole that's directly attached to a roof truss with bolts. I screwed some extra wood blocking between the trusses so that every bolt was attached to something firm. This setup seems sturdy, but I...
  11. Andrew K

    Telstar 12 @ 15°W

    I was up on the roof this evening trying to aim my dish at 15 degrees west. For some reason, I wasn't getting anything from this, but the problem was that the satellite was at such a low elevation that the dish was brushing up against the tripod leg. I had to move the motor up the pole a...
  12. Andrew K

    S10 "Out of Range" Message??

    I'm trying to get my dish positioned to 15W using USALS, but the S10 won't allow it. It shows the "Out of Range" message. My longitude is 81.6W, and that's what I have the receiver set at. Using the DiSeqC1.2 feature is too much of a bother. I have everything else set to USALS, and it works...
  13. Andrew K

    Choosing a Dish Location

    According to, the sun's position should be lined up with the satellite arc this Saturday, March 3rd. The website lists the time at which the sun will reach it's highest peak in the sky. For me, that's 42.5 degrees at 12:39 pm, and according to, that's also the...
  14. Andrew K

    Setting up a C-band Dish

    I'm tempted to get into C-band with a 6' solid dish. My idea is to get a large bucket, fill it with concrete, and mount a pole inside the concrete. I want to use this to set on my back deck and move it around when I want to so that I can point at different satellites. I have a clear view of...
  15. Andrew K

    CBC at 107.3W

    For now I just have a motorized Ku setup, and am considering a 6' dish... the kind that's solid and comes in panels that need attached. I am aiming to receive some Canadian channels, and Lyngsat shows the CBC channels ITC on Anik F1. Is anyone having luck receiving these? If so what's your...
  16. Andrew K

    Strange signal level issues

    For the past few weeks, my signal quality has been really low on certain channels. I couldn't get anything on 118.8W, the signal on everything was flakey on 125W and pixelated, and I couldn't receive the full amount of channels at 97W. I figured that with the heavy winds I'd been having, it...
  17. Andrew K

    NBC Feeds @ 103W

    I'm trying to get the NBC feeds listed on Sathint from 103W. It shows a LNB skew that's 20 degrees away from normal. I was wondering if I could get these without having to go on the roof to rotate the LNB. I have a channel editor for my Openbox S10, but the audio and video PIDs listed on...
  18. Andrew K

    Circular Channels on Linear LNB

    A couple days ago, I learned the possibility of receiving circularly polarized signals with my linear LNB. I can receive a good signal from a few channels on Anik F3 at 118.8W, but I was wondering if there is a possibility of picking up anything else. I haven't really tried it yet, but I know...
  19. Andrew K

    Ku Dish Motors

    I have the SG2100 motor on my 30" dish, and I was wondering how durable this thing is. I just installed it a few months ago, and it seems to be working great. I was wondering how long these motors usually last. Last winter, my antenna rotator froze up and wouldn't work until the spring when...
  20. Andrew K

    Anik F3 @ 118.8W

    Sathint is now showing an NBC HD feed and KSAZ Fox 10 channel. These are shown as circularly polarized and DVB-S2. Right now I only have a horizontally polarized LNB. Is there a Ku LNB I can buy that has both circular and horizontal? Or is it more complex than that? My ultimate goal is to...