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  1. mattb

    Ohio News Network to Cease Operation August 31..

    I don't mean to pull out this old thread.. but I thought maybe folks here would be interested in knowing that a FTA favorite of the past [before it went fiber only], ONN is finally hanging up it's towl for good... August 31st the Ohio focused cable news network will sign off.. Dispatch reports...
  2. mattb

    Dish 1000 setup

    Ive installed Dish 500s and Dish 300s before for 110/119 and 61.5 but my work is having issues with our dish 1k that's up on the roof. We are only seeing 119 and 129 according to the system info on the 311 receiver. I looked online for pointing info for D1k but dish's site kept pointing me to...
  3. mattb

    Guardian Enterprise sells WSFJ-51 Columbus (GTN Flagship) "APPROVED: WSFJ/51 Newark sale by Guardian Enterprise Group to religious superbroadcaster Trinity Broadcasting Network." Looks like their ditching their flagship station WSFJ-51 (will not contiune to air GTN in Columbus after the sale...
  4. mattb

    Got my bill

    I got my bill in the mail for the 4 mainstream channels on skyangel.
  5. mattb

    Do smart cards loose their auth after awhile?

    My Skyangel "life long" receiver has been unplugged all summer and out of the data stream naturally because of that and I went to watch skyangel tonight after hooking it up again and noticed I was only getting Ch 580 , 9902 and the few 471/472 PPV channels on 61.5 the skyangel channels are not...
  6. mattb

    *gasp* Shop At Home to end broadcasting

    "Broadcasts of Shop At Home television programming and operation of the network’s Web site – -- will be discontinued on June 22. "
  7. mattb

    Job Opening at Skyangel: Broadcast Engineer

    Came across this :|007|001&~= Looks like they plan to build an Uplink in Cleveland, TN and not Flordia. I guess that logical, you dont want your whole DBS service to go down everytime a hurricane goes thru. If their hiring a...
  8. mattb

    AMC-8 Having power problems. (taken from Radio magazine): --------- MC-8 Satellite Experiencing Power Problems Mar 30, 2006 - In a memo sent to its clients, SES Americom has notified the users of the AMC-8 satellite that failures of three power...
  9. mattb

    skyangel Angel 2 and KTV appear "dark"

    skyangel Angel 2 and KTV appear "dark" (due to Wilma) looks like Angel 2 and KTV (two skyangel produced) channels have went dark... They show "we are experencing techincal difficulties" slides.. Angel 1 appears to be running Spirit Music Television probally "directly" fed from the E*...
  10. mattb

    consdiering FTA.. College football?

    Is college football found on FTA ? I am consdiering a KU FTA setup and I am really interested in college football, not necessarly the "big games" because u can find those on ABC/CBS/NBC/ESPN etc... Thnx
  11. mattb

    Gospel Music Television will be history soon -- Hallmark Movie Channel coming soon!

    SA will be soon dropping Gospel Music Television and replacing it with the Hallmark Movie Channel. More info can be found at
  12. mattb

    Daystar droppped -- Hallmark coming in its place!

    Channel 9713 is now showing the skyangel slide with KSBJ in the background. Daystar is gone and the slide says "The Hallmark Channel coming soon" Funny how they ranted and raved and WHINED that E* had Daystar on their system yet now its gone. If I could get TVU FTA (without a 10 ft...
  13. mattb

    I wonder if Fox News is temporary?

    The reason I wonder if FoxNews is temporary is I notice its not listed in the channels on the skyangel program guide on the website, there is no press release about it on their news page and they dont list it as one of the TV channels... The on screen guide tells me INSP "new channel coming...
  14. mattb

    What is the weakest Transponder on 61.5 to peak with?

    Hey! In the last few weeks I have lost a few transponders on 61.5 I think its either due to dish alignment or trees (Im not 100% sure) but I lost transpnder 32 (the other half of my skyangel channels) I am curious to what the "weakest" transponder on 61.5 is? Thanks!
  15. mattb

    I got a yellow card and im a skyangel only sub (Receiver is a 4900)

    Im a skyangel only customer and I just got a yellow card in the mail today! My receiver is a 4900. Just giving the heads up, looks like E* is really wanting to head to Nag2.
  16. mattb

    Meet Charlie? Lol this was in April's Dish e-newsletter.

    This was in the April Dish E-Newsletter I received: "Would you like to meet Charlie Ergen, Founder & CEO of DISH Network? You've seen it on Oprah, on Dr. Phil - now we're joining these TV greats with our own customer experience segment! We want to hear your most original, funniest or moving...
  17. mattb

    Cox set someones house on fire!

    We all know this could easly happen if a satellite installer was careless, but it goes to show that installers need to be more careful when doing a job on a customers property..
  18. mattb

    Charter Doing All Digital... Nice article on Charter doing all Digital in one California Community. Guess the days of pluggin the coax directly into the TV is gonna be over eventually for most cable subs :-) Then Satellite wont seem like a bad alternative after all...
  19. mattb

    E* customer service reps are rude.

    E* customer service reps are rude. + holding my lifetime skyangel account at ransom. I put my E* account (Dish net + life time skyangel sub) on vacation hold in 2003 because I could not put up a dish at my old place due to LOS and landlord, anyways, i had the account in hold until Jul 2004 when...
  20. mattb

    pointing D300 at 61.5

    It's been a few years since I have pointed a dish at 61.5 The dish has the "lines" on the side to adjust the elevation... My area is 39 which is between 38 and 40. I am having problems getting 61.5 ( I got it once but in an effort to lock the dish into place i lost it and tried for about...