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  1. moonman

    Echostar XI ready for launch July 15th - Official SeaLaunch Annoncement

    SeaLaunch's webcam is active with the upcoming launch of Dish's Echostar XI satellite. Sea Launch Webcam page Sea Launch is now preparing for the launch of the EchoStar XI direct broadcast satellite this July. On this mission, a Zenit-3SL vehicle will lift the 5,511 kg (12,150 lb) spacecraft -...
  2. moonman

    Special Tues. night C/E

    Stu Sweet over at DBSTalk has just posted this...He promises it is not a April fools joke: *Special Tuesday Night CE* Software Download Window: Tuesday, April 1: 11PM - 2:30AM ET *This is not an April Fool's joke, I promise!* *HR21* HR21-700 - 0x0221 : Status: *Expected*...
  3. moonman

    Directv to limit viewing to 24 hour window? on PPV movies

    It is being reported on other board's that eff: 4/15, all PPV movies will have only a 24 hour "viewing window" before being deleted. Supposedly this change from "save until I delete" is being enforced by movie studios Official: Only 24hr use of PPV movies effective 4/15 - TiVo Community Only...
  4. moonman

    DirecTV chan. changes today

    DirecTV chan. changes today(Mar. 04)... Maybe making room?? Universal HD is now mapped to 259 in addition to its regular spot at 74 and NASA TV has moved to 283
  5. moonman

    Link to today's(Feb.28th) Directv investor's day

    Some of Directv's plans for 08, and beyond. I see they plan on using Direct12 satellite for more H/D by end of 2009, as well as reducing the nbr of H/D boxes available.:) DirecTV - Investor Relations - Investor Relation Home PDF document.
  6. moonman

    Has your HR20 rebooted unexpectedly with 0x1F0

    Since I D/L ver. OX1FO, I have had my HR20-700 box unexpectly reboot itself w/o any command on my part. The first time this happened, the box was on and tuned to a weekend football game. The second time, the box was off, but the blue lights were on....history shows no D/L or anything like...
  7. moonman

    Soft release (Now National) of DVR Scheduler on DirecTV today

    This is very cool...available for certain model DVR's...see D*'s Q&A for answers.. DIRECTV - DVR Scheduler :)
  8. moonman

    DirecTV announces new local H/D DMA's(Local HD Programming In 76 Markets by Mid-2008)

    The 11 local markets to receive HD programming from DIRECTV include: -- Albany/Schenectady/Troy, N.Y. -- Paducah, Ky. -- Cedar Rapids/Waterloo, Iowa -- Tucson, Ariz. -- Flint/Saginaw/Bay City, Mich. -- Waco/Temple/Bryan, Texas -- Lincoln/Hastings, Neb. -- Wichita/Hutchinson...
  9. moonman

    Disney's Xmas day parade in H/D for first time!

    Disney's Xmas Parade Goes HD With Hannah Montana Disney Parks 'Dream' Up Star-Studded Spectacular for 24th Annual Christmas Day Parade Holiday Special on ABC-TV December 25th - Press Release :)
  10. moonman

    DIRECTV Offers Free HD to Space Station

    DIRECTV today made a High-Definition TV offer that's out of this world. Literally. The satcaster says it's willing to install a complete high-def TV system in the International Space Station's orbital laboratory. The set-up would include free programming, a 42-inch flat-screen HDTV, an...
  11. moonman

    NBA HD announced by D*

    DirecTV - Investor Relations - News Release
  12. moonman

    Half season offer NFLST $179+free Superfan

  13. moonman

    LyngSat list's programming on D*10

    D*'s programming at 102.8 as listed by LyngSat..... HD - DirecTV 10 at 102.8°W - LyngSat :)
  14. moonman

    Slimline Dish and bad LNB

    Hi everyone....with the advent of the new H/D channels, I thought I would share my recent experience....on the day of the "big event" I started to get "searching for satellite" errors on several channels. Just the day before, I did a signal level test, and all the sats. were in the hi-90's...
  15. moonman

    H/D update per Swanni.. Sept. 21??
  16. moonman

    D* acknowledges partial failure:

    D* announcement of testing: DirecTV - Investor Relations - News Release Partial failure acknowledged
  17. moonman

    Co. to offer BPL(broadband over Powerline) for D* VOD

    Intellon Press Release According to the company, the technology will enable subscribers to connect each HR20 set-top box to the internet for DIRECTV content downloading using existing home wiring. Set-up menus will guide users and installers through the HomePlug installation in two steps...
  18. moonman

    New gas deflector arrives at Sea Launch home port

    New Gas Deflector Arrives at Sea Launch Home Port "Long Beach, Calif., August 23, 2007 –Sea Launch’s newly manufactured gas deflector arrived at Home Port in Long Beach, Calif., on Aug. 20. Within hours, workers unloaded the 280-metric-ton structure from a cargo vessel, the Thor Amalie, and...
  19. moonman


    Get NFL games on your computer with new Superfan feature: DIRECTV - SUPERCAST Live streams of every NFL SUNDAY TICKET™ game, plus the Red Zone Channel Real-time player and team stats and scores Highlights from every game as they happen All right on your PC, anywhere in the world.
  20. moonman

    DirecTV switching to instant rebates - The only news/information source for DirecTV, DISH Network, C-Band and consumer electronics retailers and dealers. Providing industry glossaries, a public forum, CES Guide, Dealer Dialogue, product reviews. Per Bridge Media group... "With our customer's interests at...