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  1. timfouts

    New LNB

    I need to replace my C-band LNB because the drift has caused an inability to hold a digital signal now. 15 years old, I bought it with my 1st gen 920. What a buggy unit that was. Anyway, I found this one but I don't see a price:
  2. timfouts

    My clock

    Today I got my H-H mount back in service and powered up the 922 for the first time since May '08. Peaked the Ku and the C-band seems to be where it should be. Since there are not subs how do I get the clock back to correct time? Also digital feeds are not downloading. Does the IPG still work...
  3. timfouts

    Fox Soccer Channel HD

    I haven't been on for a while. Any announcements about Fox Soccer Channel HD carriage?
  4. timfouts

    Channel locks

    I have been out of town for a couple of weeks. I see I have new software L449. Well, every single one of my channels, I have to enter the password due to ratings problems--even on HDNews. What's the deal?
  5. timfouts

    Up to Date Program Guide for Newly Added Channels?

    Is there a published up to date program guide for the newly added Vooms Channels. The Dish site has not added the channels and other than sitting in front of the Screen and going through the listings, I have not found anything. Any Ideas?
  6. timfouts

    Link to Members Equipment Photos

    Since the upgrade, the html link for equipment photos is not there.
  7. timfouts

    Northwest Florida Voom

    My ota channel maps are not properly mapped in the receiver. WB channel 53, WHBR 33, WKRG 2nd DT missing, WSRE 3rd DT DSR 920 & 922, HDD200, GI 650i, Pansat 330A, H-H Ajak 21 WL to 139 WL, 24" Superjack, 8.5' &10' Orbitron both 15/.06 C/KU Co-Rotor II, Voom(DSR550), DTV Hughes Platinum HD...