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  1. BamaFan2

    Reading Out TV code From a 20.0 Remote

    I’ve got a 20.0 IR remote connected to a VP211K receiver. No Smart Wizard on the VP211K. Uses blinking LEDs to control the procedure for entering a TV code. The remote currently controls the Bravia KDL32EX-710 but I don’t know what code it has. I’ve got the list of possible codes. I remember...
  2. BamaFan2

    What Is The Code For A Samsung 75” TV From Costco?

    I just bought a Samsung Model #: UN75MU800DFXZA TV (Costco Model #). That is in Samsung’s 8000 series. On my Hopper 3 with remote 52, I cannot locate the correct code, either by search or by clicking through the codes. Both lists seem to go on forever. Can anyone tell me what the code is?
  3. BamaFan2

    Erratic Date/Day Of The Week Shown In Guide U502

    This is weird. Not a big deal although it is confusing. Day of of week and date wrong for about 48 hours out. Says today instead of tommorow. Past that it seems ok. No guarantees - YMMV. Just another indication of how incompetent the programming of U502 is.
  4. BamaFan2

    Why Is Service Call Necessary To Upgrade To 4K Joey?

    I have 2 wired Joeys connected by coax to my Hopper 3. Now I want to upgrade to 4K Joey. I asked that they be mailed to me and then I would return the old ones. CSR said that a service call is required because some rewiring might be necessary. Why can't I just unplug the old ones and plug in...
  5. BamaFan2

    Bluetooth Headphones Or Receivers That Auto Connect To Hopper

    Which Bluetooth headphones or receivers auto connect to HWS, once paired, without navigating to the Bluetooth menu every time? I have two receivers that will: Brightech BPC 100 ( BT Wonder), Victsing (Link-485). I have not found any Bluetooth headphones that do, although other members have...
  6. BamaFan2

    Bluetooth Auto-Pairing

    Auto-pairing depends on the Bluetooth technology. Bluetooth 4 auto pairs, Bluetooth 2 does not. I have tested two or more brands of each. I haven't been able to check BT 3 since I don't have any. Does anyone know the answer for BT 3? I am looking at getting the Blue Ant Ribbon Stereo...