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  1. Rixta

    IOS app recording in SD, not HD.

    Hi all, I have an issue that seems to be specific to a certain channel and was wondering if anyone else had seen this. DTV has a rugby channel in both SD (ch 490) & HD (490-1). I hide all duplicate SD channels on both my tv guide and the IOS app. When recording manually from the tv guide on ch...
  2. Rixta

    Genie receivers & Slingbox

    Hi all, 2 questions here...I currently have a whole-home HD DVR in my main room and a second HD receiver in another room - my Slingbox is connected to my second HD receiver (I don't want it connected to my HD DVR). DTV are calling me offering a free upgrade to the Genie boxes, so my first...
  3. Rixta

    Multi-room DVR availability???

    Any news on multi-room DVR capabilities from DTV yet? Thanks Rixta
  4. Rixta


    I'm sure this question has been asked many times before so apologies for that....but I'm new here so you will have to excuse me. Does anyone have a decent explanation of why severe pixelation can occur on certain HD channels at certain times? For example, a couple of nights ago UHD had crazy...