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    BIG 10 is BACK - A Deal Has Been Reached!

    Agreement Reached Got email from Btn this morning. They came to an agreement to put Btn back on but at 5:30 am central Dish didn't have it on yet.

    222 DVR Conversion

    I received this back from Dish about the conversion. It doesn't sound promising. Thank you for your email. We are sorry for any confusion concerning the EHD features. The 222 receivers as of now are not being given this capability. This is not something that appears will be happening soon. As...

    222 DVR Conversion

    I was talking about The Dish tech show. I'm not sure what you're talking about.

    222 DVR Conversion

    If I remember right when the 211 got the DVR feature I think it was announced on the tech show and they gave a date when it would available. Isn't it supposed to be on the Feb 8th? I emailed tech support and pasted the download for L3.78 to see what they would say. So far no answer. They...

    222 DVR Conversion

    No they don't but it seems like when the 222 gets an update the 222k does within a day or two also.

    222 DVR Conversion

    I saw this on the another site and I was wondering if this true: First 513 lucky owners getting DVR functions on their ViP222 ! PID=08B5h DownloadID:VVTB Upgrading parts of new FW with filters: [3] L378:'AAA1'-'BTD1','L040'-'L377' L378:'AAA1'-'BTD1','L040'-'L377'...

    Iowa vs. Iowa St. on FSN

    Iowa vs Iowa State I have the update to schedule off satellite and it lists: 10:30 444 10:30 9514 11:00 442 11:00 450 11:00 9818 Don't know if there would be black outs. It shouldn't be it would be sold out. Unless you would have a regional thing for black out.

    Software updates

    Is there any place you can go to find out what dish software updates are for and what they fix or add?

    7/1/2009 1:59pm - Uplink Activity Report - 59 changes

    7554(51) - KCWL - EchoStar10 110W TP 29 Spotbeam 29 renamed to KFXL (A) (H)(Storm Lake, IA-N/A) Why is Storm Lake, IA listed? We don't a station in town.

    March 12 Retailer Chat Recap


    March 12 Retailer Chat Recap

    So much for Sioux City in March. What can be so difficult about just turning on the stations they promised? Is there something about the scheduling that I'm missing.

    3/4/2009 2:28pm - Uplink Activity Report - 66 changes

    Is there a reason why they only turn so stations a week besides that is what they want to do?

    HD local launch schedule for March

    How about Sioux City, Iowa?

    2/11/2009 5:22pm - Uplink Activity Report - 109 changes

    Sioux City IA Sioux City, IA is listed at 5250 thru 5253. Earlier I looked and it showed it SD and now it's says it's a special event not for purchase. Just wondering. Thanks

    Hard drive for VIP 211

    I'm sure this question has been asked before but I couldn't find it. I'm looking to add a drive to my 211. What hard drives are recommended to be the most reliable for the long run? Thanks

    VIP 222 EHD

    The big question is when? This month, next month, September. It took quite awhile to do the 211

    Questions For Dish Network

    What local channels are scheduled to be switched to HD in 2009?

    VIP 222 EHD

    I wrote and they said there was no time line when it would activated. anyone hear anything else?

    Uplink Activity Report - 12/10/2008 12:42pm - 110 changes

    Sioux City IA 15369 - KMEG2 [EPG] added to EchoStar5 129W TP 05 ConUS beam (NA) Does this mean we might get 1 station in HD soon?

    VIP 222 EHD

    Thanks for your help! I have a 222 & 211. I have the 211 hooked up to a dvd with hard drive. To move them involves allot of moving cable, with the second tv. I got an email from E to upgrade to a dvr for $25.00 or less. Right $25.00 for the 211. $100.00 for the 222. That is why I was wondering...