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  1. PeterRing

    AMC 10 at 135.0°W --> 3780 H 29200-3/4

    AMC 10 at 135.0°W Univisión 3780 H 29200-3/4 Hi Can somebody check for me this TP? whats channels is avaiable i looking for a RITMOSON...:) Thank You Guys:)
  2. PeterRing

    RITMOSON --> what do to get it..

    Hi i try a lot of ways and i give up... i need this channel... me and my wife love this channel and i do everething to get it. Then maybe someone know some way to have RITMOSON channel latino ( music ) Please help me...:(
  3. PeterRing


    HI:) Do anybody know where is some music channels? ( latino, english, any....?)
  4. PeterRing

    8ft mesh dish --> low signal

    Hi I live in Montreal (Quebec, CANADA) last time i buy 8ft mesh dish. and... when i finish to setup everything i have low signal... i try everything.. with elevation, lnb, what i have is ; sample: 105.0W ( NASA TV) --> have 58-59Q... 97.0W ( LATV ) ---> 62Q before i have old dish...