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  1. Sean Jones

    Missed (skipped?) recordings

    Long story short, anyone have missed or skipped recordings? It seems once or twice a week it happens. Example tonight I was going to watch Graham Norton that should have been reocrded last night. Not there. Hmmm. They actually have a replay next Friday (they usually dont have repeats) and...
  2. Sean Jones

    Recording same show

    Hello- We were having a storm and rain go through around 6pm. Signal was lost. I have a series recording on a Fox channel at 6:30. Since the storm was ongoing, I set up a manual recording on the ota channel. It showed the white arrow in the guide. When I went later to play it, it didn't...
  3. Sean Jones

    Stop Genie from searching for Satellites

    Hey guys- I need some help. Directv customer service was no help, but hopefully somebody may know more or have a better answer. I am in the middle of having my roof re-shingled and the dish had to come down. Directv can't come out for 4 days to re-mount. Ok. I'll just watch stuff off of...
  4. Sean Jones

    Showtime half-price

    Saw an ad (or should say heard) on Comedy Central for Showtime for half price. I didn't hear the full ad. Went on Dish chat to ask what the promo length is and was told they don't have that promotion. When I said that I just saw an ad for it I was told was it hasn't started yet. When I asked...
  5. Sean Jones

    Dish says I have low signal strength...

    Hi all- I walked in the door today and just when I was taking my shoes off I received a call from Dish technical support. The lady told me that I am having issues with my dish and they need to send someone out to take a look at it. I said that was strange, I haven't had any issues with...
  6. Sean Jones

    1st post

    Hi Long time lurker, just registered. Anyways, making my first post so I'll be allowed to PM the DIRT team. Thanks!