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  1. RTCDude

    Magic hidden commands to reformat 722 hard drive

    Can someone point to the magic hidden commands to reformat the hard drive from the remote. This is on a 722. Search is useless trying to find this.
  2. RTCDude

    1000.2 dish pointing question

    Folks, I've had a 1000.2 dish for about a year now. When I first set it up, I could never it get aligned properly so that 129 come in. Instead, I had the classic problem of getting 119 on the 129 horn, and 110 on the 119 horn. This hasn't been a problem up to now since I only had two 5xx...
  3. RTCDude

    Any 4.00 5xx release notes?

    Scott (or anyone), Are there any release notes for the new 4.00 upating coming down for the 5xx receivers? Dish is doing quite a jump from 3.69 to 4.00. I'd love to think that meant we are finally getting NBR. But I shutter to think what "new" issues we might get also.