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  1. ummad72

    Getting my Dishes off the Roof.

    Hi, I am getting my dishes moved off the roof (stupid condo assoc. Currently i have 2 Dishes, one for 61.5 for some indian/pskistan international channels (and free previews all the time) and 100.2 (with 129 and maybe 110 and 119). Should they remain the same oncemoved or are there other better...
  2. ummad72

    Columbus, Ohio Locals in HD ?

    When are we supposed toget our locals in HD.
  3. ummad72

    how do i find out whats free preview for the week / weekend

    Hi, I was wondering if there was a place ont he WWW where i could find out whats being offered as free preview on the dish. Specifically on 61.5 bird. Thanx in advance for the assist. This place rocks btw.:up
  4. ummad72

    How can i get 61.5 bird without adding another dish.

    Hi Guys, i believe i have super dish (how can i verify).I'd like to be able to watch international channels. the csr i spoke to said i need to have another dish installed to be able to do so. Ihave seen someone's signature who had superdish and a DPP4 (i belive) for the 61.5 bird. I am...