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    Back in the game

    Was kind of out of the game for a bit due to relocating, but excited to be back. Was just curious if there is much HD going on up there. Considering getting an HD receiver but not sure if it's worth it. Definitely want a new receiver though, preferably one with DVR since the old Coolsat 6000...
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    Netflix own satellite one day?

    This isn't FTA specific, but I wanted to post it in here with all the knowledgeable members in this section. Would it be worth it for Netflix to launch their own satellite one day? Is this something they would even consider? I know they have instant play, but to get HD you need a super high...
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    Starband vs HughesNet

    Anybody out there that has used both Starband and HughesNet? Mostly I am looking to see how HughesNet does in the rain. Starband does great, especially since the switch to the new bird within the past year. It really never goes out. But it would be nice to have more bandwidth and speed...
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    Moteck SG2100 Low Intensity Fix??

    I recently motorized my Channel Master (Primestar) 1.0M dish. It is all set up and works great out near the dish, however, when I hook it to the long coax run into the house the motor will not move. When I manually try to move the motor using the move button on the motor itself, the low...
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    Best AZBox?

    I see there are various models and now the elite is discontinued supposedly. It sounds like the AZBox is the only receiver that can do it all (other than blind scan) and is much better than the Sathawk. So which model is the best one to get? The Elite? - I am basically just looking to get a...
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    Primestar H V scan question

    I recently setup a 1.0m Primestar with the stock LNB. I got an Eagle Aspen multiswitch and hooked it up. On my Coolsat 6000 it is quadruple scanning the TPs. I have the skew set just where it should be and H running into the 18V on the multiswitch and V running into the 13V. Any ideas why it...
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    1.0 meter dish for 110, 119 and 129 combo?

    My FTA dishes are behind a shed away from the house, but on my house I have three dishes mounted. One for Dish SD, one for Dish HD and one for Starband. I have seen modified Starband dishes before, for 110, 119 and when Starband was on 129. Here are some pics I found: Free Image Hosting by...
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    Weak/Hard to get C-band TP list

    I am working on dialing my BUD in some more and will be experimenting with different LNBFs and feedhorns in the near future. I was curious to know if someone had a list of weak or hard to get TPs to use for dialing in a BUD. Not sure if these would be S2 or not. - Basically I am looking for TPs...
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    Primestar, Channel Master dishes for Trade

    I have some items I am looking to trade: 1.0 Meter Primestar dish Brand new 75e ChannelMaster Dish BSC621-2 C/Ku LNBF Chaparral C-band feedhorn with skew control Eagle Aspen C/Ku LNBF Looking for such things as: HH Mount Motor heavy duty for 120cm 2 C-band LNBs 1 Ecoda 22khz 1 Pico Macom...
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    Today's finds and Questions

    I got some good stuff today: 1 brand new Channel Master 75e Primestar/Starband dish, with mounts and hardware. 1 1.0 meter Channel Master, tripod LNB mount. - Also got another 1 meter Primestar dish that seems identical, but doesn't say Channel Master on it, but it might be. Also got some misc...
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    97W seems weird for me. I am using a BUD for Ku, but on 97W it seems like it is split. I will lock on and get a bunch of the TP's, but then I will have to bump it to the East like 6 clicks to get the other TP's. Then bump it back to get the others. The ones I can't get unless I bump the dish...
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    FTA Receivers Sticky??

    Can we get some sort of sticky for the best / most recommended FTA receivers? It could be broken down by capabilities (such as best Blind Scan, best HD, 4:2:2 etc) then there could be overall best receivers for SD and HD. Just a thought, since it seems there are lots of receiver questions...
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    121W Question

    Does anyone know what frequencies Starband operates on 121W?
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    HH Mount to Diseqc with Gbox ?? (pic)

    Is it possible to run an HH mount into a Diseqc switch, while having a Gbox/Vbox hooked up? Will the Gbox/Vbox control a BUD and not interfere with the HH mount? Or would it even move the HH mount to the same locate as the BUD? Free Image Hosting by
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    Locking on 83W

    Is 83W hard to get? Is it a weak sat or something? I can pick up all sats across the arch, but can't get more than 30 quality on 83W. There is a tree that is sort of close, but eye balling it behind the dish, it looks like there are no issues. Just curious if it is for sure the tree, or if it...
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    Best Dish for Ku - BUD, Offset ??

    I have been considering putting up a 10' Winegard Pinnacle, in place of the 10' Quadstar. I heard the Pinnacle is a way better dish, but the depth may cause some issues for Ku. So, my question is: What is the best dish for Ku? Would I be better off getting a 100cm offset dish for Ku, then...
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    Ku Chinese Sats??

    What are the best sats for Chinese programming? 95W seems to be the main one. I am still scanning, but does anyone have a list of Chinese programming? Trying to get a friend into FTA.
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    BUD Design / Depth Questions - C-band / Ku

    I currently have a 10' Winegard BUD, that is 22 inches deep with 4-point LNB mount. It is a mesh dish with fairly good size gaps. - I can pick up C and Ku across the whole arc, usually in the high 60's and 70's. I think the LNB needs a little tweaking as I had stuff in the 80's before. Anyhow...
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    Center mount LNB vs 4-point mount???

    Is there any significant difference between a center mounted LNB arm vs a 4-point mounting system? The center mounted seems to direct the LNB directly in the center, but I wondered if the mounting bar coming out the middle would have an affect on the signal.
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    Eagle Aspen 4000 C Ku LNBF

    I came across an Eagle Aspen 4000 C/Ku LNBF today from an old C-band setup that someone had. As far as I can tell they don't make these anymore. Seems they just make mostly circular LNBs now. I currently have a BSC621-2 and was curious how these compare. Anyone have any reviews for the Eagle...