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  1. dennispap

    How do you add attachments to messages

    How do you add attachments to messages? Someone is asking in a messages for pictures (attachments) and i don't see how to add any. I can do it in posts but not in messages. Thanks in advance for any help.
  2. dennispap

    U728 HWS Update

    Just downloaded the U728 update for my HWS. Hopefully it fixes all ( or some ) of the problems we have been having. Fingers crossed.
  3. dennispap

    Sinclair CEO warns Dish: Agree to deal or risk becoming irrelevant

    'The CEO of Sinclair Broadcast Group Inc. remains confident that the TV broadcaster has the advantage against Dish Network Corp. as the companies continue to negotiate an agreement to end a prolonged blackout of Sinclair's regional sports networks.'' Sinclair CEO warns Dish: Agree to deal or...
  4. dennispap

    Messages thru the Hopper.

    Has anyone ever received a message thru the messages feature on the hopper other than the welcome message years ago ? Not sure why dish would implement this feature to never use it. It could be used for new channel info, free previews etc. . Thanks in advance.
  5. dennispap

    NAB Chief Gordon Smith Chides AT&T And Dish Network For Broadcast Blackouts

    " With multiple carriage battles leaving broadcast TV signals dark for millions of pay-TV customers, Gordon Smith, the ex-Senator who heads the National Association of Broadcasters, is pinning blame on Dish Network and AT&T. " NAB Chief Gordon Smith Chides AT&T And Dish Network For Broadcast...
  6. dennispap

    HBO Cinemax free preview is live now

    Hbo Cinemax free preview weekend is live now. Free Channel Previews | MyDISH | DISH Customer Support
  7. dennispap

    Centric to become BET HER

    Centric to Become BET Her on October 1st - Tony Scott "BET’s sister network, Centric, is being rebranded as BET Her, starting October 1. It’s being billed as the first 24-hour network focused on African American women. BET is also adding shows, specials and miniseries. We told you about the...
  8. dennispap

    Called by Dish? You may receive $1,200 in a legal award

    "A federal judge in North Carolina has tripled the award for more than 50,000 people on the Do Not Call Registry who were contacted by Dish Network (DISH), setting up a potential $60 million payout. Under her ruling, people on the registry who were called by Dish could receive $1,200 each, up...
  9. dennispap

    Hopper w sling showing incorrect recorded date

    I have a HWS with the Carbon software and has recently started showing the "date recorded" date as being off by 1 day. In the pictures it shows new episodes that were recorded on the original dates. I know this for sure. However it shows that they were recorded 1 day later. Anyone else having...
  10. dennispap

    Participant to shut down Pivot Network

    "The service, which launched in 2013 with a focus on targeting millennials with original scripted and realirty content, will be disbanded after struggling to gain a foothold in what is a challenging cable tv landscape for independent networks, Participant Media CEO David Linde said in a...
  11. dennispap

    Hopper 3 Insider on Channel 103

    Hopper 3 Insider is showing on Channel 103. It shows all of the features,tips and tricks of the Hopper 3. i assume the new interface will be coming to the older hoppers soon as they are showing this info.
  12. dennispap

    U.S. top court won't hear satellite TV providers' claim on state taxes

    "The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday rejected a bid by satellite television providers to challenge states taxes they say unlawfully treat them differently from cable TV companies. The nine justices turned away a joint challenge from DirecTV Inc, a subsidiary of AT&T Inc, and Dish Network Corp over...
  13. dennispap

    Change input on remote pop up

    I have the hws and when I switch the input on the remote to AUX to control my audio receiver, a pop up comes on the screen saying the remote is set to control another device. Is there a way to turn this off? I have all of the enhancements off but I can't find the way to turn this off. I know I...
  14. dennispap

    Channel 188 GMC Renamed UP

    I see in my guide channel 188 GMC Gospel Music Channel is renamed UP (Uplifting Entertainment). I don't see this weeks uplink report yet. I'm sure it will be on it.
  15. dennispap

    USB HUBS ON 722

    I bought a 7 port powered hub and i plan on using my ehd, fan, and wireless adapter. I would rather use all 3 on the 7 port hub thru the back usb port on my 722. Is that fine, or should i keep the fan thru my 722's front usb port? Or does it make any difference? Thanks
  16. dennispap

    dish credit card pymt heads up

    Just a heads up. Whenever you update your credit card info with dish online, if you have an outstanding balance, you will be charged the balance at that time. I received a new credit card as mine was expiring at the end of the month. I went and updated the credit card info on my dish acct as i...
  17. dennispap

    DISH Network® Introduces Three New Chinese Channels

    DISH Network® Introduces Three New Chinese Channels Launch of channels solidifies DISH Network as the leader in Chinese programming Englewood, Colo., July 16, 2009 – DISH Network, L.L.C., a subsidiary of DISH Network Corporation (NASDAQ: DISH) and the value leader in international...
  18. dennispap


    Does anyone else have the dish screen with "check back later to see if your sports team is playing" on tnt-hd? The sd channel is fine, but the logo screen is on the hd channel EDIT Customer service says they are having a problem.While i was on the phone with her it was switching from tnt to the...
  19. dennispap

    Iron Maiden: Flight 666 HD Premiere Saturday, 6/6 at 9pm EST.

    Iron Maiden: Flight 666 HD Premiere Saturday, 6/6 at 9pm EST. on Paladia HD Saturday, 6/6 at 9pm. EST Flight 666 documents the first leg of Iron Maiden's legendary 2008 Somewhere Back In Time World Tour, which takes them 50,000 miles around the planet playing 23 concerts on five...
  20. dennispap

    Is "The List " working for anyone else?

    Is "The List " working for anyone else? When i go to the list and then , subscription list , when i click on one of the sats, a page comes up without any info. Yesterday it was working fine. Any ideas? Thanks.