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  1. bd8494

    Advice on Cleveland Locals

    Hi, I have had Dish Network for about 5 months and I am wondering about HD locals. I live in 44035 in Elyria, Ohio and want to receive Cleveland locals. I want to know if I should wait for Dish to light up Cleveland (and if I need to put a wing dish if they decide to put it on 61.5) or get an...
  2. bd8494

    DVR/Sat master clock off?

    I haven't seen anything, what STB do you have?
  3. bd8494

    anyone see the new ads?

  4. bd8494

    anyone see the new ads?

    I haven't seen any, but its sounds great. Lets hope it will be soon. :D
  5. bd8494

    Any updates

    I know this has been posted millions of times, but has anyone heard anything about more Locals launching in HD on E*. Especially Cleveland (where I am) because this week they became the first market with all 4 networks in hd. Also my installer said they kept moving it closer, don't know if this...
  6. bd8494

    Elyria, OH OTA

    Okay thanks for that because I am a total newb at this. :)
  7. bd8494

    Elyria, OH OTA

    Okay here we go I live in Elyria, Ohio (around 20 miles west from the Cleveland antenna farm) and i need an antenna since dish network dosen't have hd locals. I need an antenna $50 or under that will pick up 3,5,8,19, and 43 in hd. I will list both antennaweb and tvfool info for you guys. Also...
  8. bd8494

    New Install, what do you think!

    Nice, Just had mine put in yesterday too. One 622 (They originally put in a 722 but switched it out for some reason even though it was working fine :confused:) and one 625, one Dish 1000.
  9. bd8494


    Thanks that does help although I am bummed because I won't be able to watch channel 3 news in hd, but whatever. Thanks that really helped. :)
  10. bd8494


    Hi, I am looking into getting Dish Network after years of bad service from TWC. I live in Elyria, Oh about 25 miles west of Cleveland, Oh. Does anyone know about the service and reception in the area and whether an Antenna would get a good reception for local HD channels. Any Help? :confused...