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  1. vicw

    Program Guide For Voom Problem

    Since at least yesterday, it appears that some, if not all of the programs listed on the Dish On Screen Guide are totally out of whack with the actual programming - not just shifted an hour or three, but totally different. That makes it impossible to set up for recordings, and to know what is...
  2. vicw

    Filmfest Audio Dropouts

    I've been back with Dish for a month, or so, and I've been trying to give some of the Zoom channels a chance. The Filmfest channel carries some pretty good, classic movies, so I've been recording them for later viewing. The PQ is excellent (the old black and whites look terrific in HD), but...
  3. vicw

    Discovery HD PQ

    I'm currently on TWC, but evaluating a switch to satellite. I had an opportunity this week to watch my daughter's HD setup on Direct TV, and I was very surprised to see significant picture degredation, in the form of pixelization on the Discovery HD Theater channel, especially during the rapid...
  4. vicw

    Is a Raleigh Spot Beam Fix in Sight?

    Back in January, a WRAL press release indicated a problem with the Direct TV spot beam coverage for the Raleigh area, which has made it impossible for about 25% of their broadcast area to receive HD Locals from D*. They said that D* expected to fix the problem as early as September...
  5. vicw

    Strange Treatment during account cancellation

    I'm somewhat in a state of shock regarding Dish right now. I've had their HD service for six years or so, and I need to cancel, since we are moving and it will be several months before we are resettled. I called yesterday to process the cancellation, which went OK, although it took forever to...