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    I cancelled after 10 years and they still want disconnection fees.

    When I signed up for DirecTV nearly two years ago, over the phone, at no point was I informed of a two year commitment. I was not informed of an early termination fee. I was informed that the equipment was leased, not owned, and if I canceled service I would have to return the equipment. The...
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    HR20 / HR21 / HR22 / R22 CE Release 8/22

    This CE so far seems to have fixed my HR21 locking up after 24 hours with the ethernet connected.
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    HR20 / HR21 / HR22 / R22 CE Release 8/22

    Downloaded & Installed, time to play
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    CEs for 8/22

    This will be my first CE experience, I just love tinkering! I have the HR21, btw. Are there any reports of this (or any other CEs) fixing the lockup when ethernet connected problem on the HR21?
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    Sci-fi Channel Hd

    Maybe once the Voom channels are moved to switched video, that will free up bandwidth for more channels to be added. I'm hoping for SciFi HD & Discovery HD as well!
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    FIOS Targets Hometown of the Dolan's

    Yeah, I know it. I've been contemplating switching to DirecTV because of this NFL Network debacle, but DTV doesn't have all the local broadcast networks in HD. And I've have to shell out a deuce for the HD DVR on top of paying for the service. Bugger.
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    FIOS Targets Hometown of the Dolan's

    I'd rather see a headline "FIOS targets hometown of VinnySem". Not that I would switch, I just want to see some competition. I don't consider P.U.-Verse competition.
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    Milford, CT, Broadcast networks in HD?

    How about CW? There is only one show I watch on it (Smallville), so no big deal, just wondering why they don't offer HD on DTV.
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    Milford, CT, Broadcast networks in HD?

    I am currently a Cablevision customer, thinking of making the switch to DirecTV. According to DirecTV's website, the only 3 broadcast networks I can get in HD are CBS, NBC, and FOX. How come no ABC or CW? I currently get these in HD from cable...
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    Food Network/HGTV in HD

    Exactly - at least HDNet/Movies, as I'm guessing there is some sort of carriage agreeement for the ESPN channels that they are waiting for renewal before they add ESPN2HD.
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    Cv Vs Fios

    I wish FiOS was available in New Haven County, CT. My only choices are CV and P-U-Verse. I'd rather live in a grass hut in the woods than give AT&T my money.
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    NFL Network Talks for 2007-08 Season?

    BTW DirecTV can resell NFLST to other carriers, IIRC. I believe they included that in the deal they brokered in '05 to prevent anti-compete & anti-trust hassles.
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    Vick Attended Dogfight!

    He wasn't a good QB to begin with. Yeah, he can throw and he can run. But can he lead? Can he manage the game? Not from what I've seen.
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    Cablevision VS AT&T U-Verse

    Does U-Verse offer an alternative to CV? Yes. Does U-Verse compete with CV? No. IMHO, U-Verse does not compete with CableVision because U-Verse offers less, especially if you want HD. Do a dollar-for-dollar comparison between CV's Triple Play, and voice-data-TV from AT&T. CV wins.
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    Question about CV VOIP

    Sean, I have OV VoIP. The modem has a phone jack, to achieve "whole home wiring" you connect the jack on the modem to an existing phone jack. That back-feeds the phone line connection to all the other jacks in the house. BTW get the Lithium-Ion battery back up. 8 hours of juice for the modem in...
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    Anyone using Vista Media Center & STB's?

    Has anyone set up a Vista MCE box & using multiple STB's for recording/viewing live TV? If so, how did you set it up?
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    Music Choice..should CV get another music provider?

    Me, I'm fine with MusicChoice, the only music channel I listen to is Smooth Jazz when I want to relax. Sometimes the kids listen to Radio Disney. I'm looking for ways to REDUCE my cable bill, not increase it.
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    I Canceled AT&T UVERSE

    ATT sucks, has always sucked, and always will suck. Their service, their products. I'll gladly give Cablevision my $160 a month for TV, phone, internet. Reliable and fast. That's what I want.
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    Planet Earth on DTHD

    I guess the scheduling problem is not exclusive to Cablevision...
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    Planet Earth on DTHD

    I set up my 8300HD to record "First Run" only of Planet Earth on DTHD, but the 3 episodes last night did not show up as going to be recorded. I had to manually add each recording. Anyone else have this issue? The visuals on that program were awe-inspiring. Thank you Cablevision for adding...