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    Hopper 3 Upgrade

    I currently have two hoppers and three wired Joeys. Called to upgrade to H3 and 3 wireless Joeys and was told that the H3 does not support the wireless Joeys. Offered me HWS 1 wired Super Joey and 2 wireless Joeys for the total installed cost of $50.00. Not what I wanted. Went to online...
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    EHD from 622

    I have an EHD from a 622 receiver attached to one of my Hoppers and the date of the recording is 100 years off, 2106 when it should be 2006 etc. I guess this is just an artifact from the 622, anyone else seeing this?
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    Hopper & Joey out of sync

    I have a Hopper in the den and a joey in the kitchen in a place where it can be seen from the den while watching the Hopper. I have noticed that when watching the same channel and even the same tuner that the Joey is about 2 seconds behind the Hopper. Is this normal? Can it be adjusted? Nether...
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    1 Hopper 4 joey system

    There must have been a change in how many joeys Dish will install with one Hopper. I was just quoted $200 to upgrade to 1 hopper / 4 joeys. I thought that the limit was 3 joeys per Hopper.
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    USB Sharing?

    I just ordered the USB network connector from Dish and it should be here soon. I just realized that I already have an external HD connected to the USB port, is there any way to share?