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    Search Defaults - Program Guide Only?

    Does anyone know if you can set the search feature to always search the program guide ONLY, by default? I hate that it always searches my DVR - I know what's on my DVR, I want to know what's not. I know I can click Filters, scroll down and choose Program Guide, but it's a lot of button...
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    Am I insane? Quality degradation w/ new dish

    Hello all! Forgive me, for I'm only partially in-the-know when it comes to my satellite and it's functionality. I'll do my best to convey what we're seeing here. So I got all excited about FSCHD, having been waiting for an eternity for them to switch, only to find out that when they did, I...
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    Error 318 - VIP 722 - Guide will not update - Outdated information

    Good evening all! I'm having some trouble with my receiver refusing to update its guide. I live in coastal Virginia, and we had some bad weather in the last few days. At some point, my Guide got out of whack and now it simply will not update. It tries, but never seems to work. Any ideas...
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    VIP-722 - Tech visit tomorrow, receiver #4 this month - help please :-D

    Hello all. I'm new to the forums here, what an amazing wealth of information!! I tried a forum search, and found a lot of info on this issue but most of it seemed pretty old and I can't determine the relevance firmware issues, etc. The story: I have a 722 running in single-mode. I...