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    Is this issue exclusive to me?

    I have a dph42 switch connected to a Wally and a hopper 3 which has worked flawlessly until Friday, we had some lightning and nearly a half foot of rain. At first I just had the obstruction error message, which was obviously true, there is no way a signal was reaching the dish. After the rain...
  2. J

    More Wally and tailgater woes

    First off, if I can avoid using the tailgater, I will. But I was camping and the nascar race was on nbc sports network. So knowing the two devices don’t like to play well together, I give myself an extra hour of setup time. I get the tailgater plum on it’s tri stand, there isn’t a tree or cloud...
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    Juddering and stuttering is getting worse across all platforms

    Seems like it doesn’t matter which tv I use, if I’m on dish, cable, or internet, if I’m watching nbc, cbs, and most sport telecasts, the picture seems to be going insane. For years I disabled all motion enhancements on my TVs to prevent the soap opera effect, but it is like that option is now...
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    Is something happening with dish’s satellites?

    First, I live in Bismarck North Dakota, I have a H3, and Wally dish for camping. For the last 3 weeks, the signal strength on most of 129’s transponders have gone from 50s and 60s down to lower 40s. Then a series of storms have knocked it down to barely 20. So I scheduled an appointment to...