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    Photo's of CES 2005 Show

    Are you claiming to be the mastermind behind the "Dumbing-down of America" phrase, or are you accusing me of stepping over the line to snip a quote from your post? Everyone who chooses to watch Fear Factor, American Idol, The Real World, Who's My Daddy, etc. instead of learning about what's...
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    Photo's of CES 2005 Show

    The dumbing-down of America. Oh, and this - Last edited by riggscm : Today at 03:55 PM. Reason: Typeface and spacing - tells me that you cared enough to proof-read. I may be making progress yet...
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    Photo's of CES 2005 Show

    Shouldn't that also end with a question mark? Seriously, people have no idea how dumb they look when they mis-use: they're there their and you're your We wonder why the rest of the world thinks we're stupid. It's our native language and we can't even spell it.
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    Photo's of CES 2005 Show

    "Photo is of CES 2005 Show" What the hell does that mean. I hate to be the bitchy school teacher here, but you need Photos, not Photo's. I can't believe some of the things I see like that.
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    Notice the classic cable talking points about a dish not working in bad weather. My D* never goes out. It stayed on through hurricane Isabel.
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    Samsung 360 Problems on 720P channels on D*

    Both ESPN and Fox broadcast in 720P. I only notice this problem during the commercials (captured in 480i) which need to be converted to P. The other complaints I've seen here are similar in nature. Why is anyone watching commercials anyway?
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    Newbie> Activation help

    No need for a phone line at all without TiVo. But if you want to order movies or PPV sports, you'll have to create an account at and order that way.
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    New Satellites

    What are the exact plans for the Spaceways this Spring? Are they just for new HD locals and new HD content, or will they offload some of the existing channels from the 101 satellite to alleviate the need for over-compression?
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    Just got DirecTV set up, REAL BIG PROBLEM!! HELP!

    Just because you live in the Pittsburg hills and can't get an OTA signal doesn't mean that the picture quality of HD sucks. It just means you can't get the signal because of the obstructions. Phrase your statements better and you might not get as much backlash.
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    Just got DirecTV set up, REAL BIG PROBLEM!! HELP!

    Raff, it sounds like you may have a Samsung receiver. Check the user manual for a better chart than what I'm about to provide: Native 1 1080i = 1080i 720p = 720p 480i/p = 480i/p Native 2 1080i = 1080i 720p = 1080i 480i/p = 480i/p...
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    Just got DirecTV set up, REAL BIG PROBLEM!! HELP!

    Can't believe I read that I've been reading for a few weeks and had to register to reply to this post. A digital signal is a more accurate signal as there are only zeroes and ones. Look at an analog sine wave - you don't know what's between the peaks and valleys. It may be 0.345 or 0.456...