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    MORE guide issues, programs NOT recording.

    I had a program that didn’t record tonight. MSNBC, 8:00-9:00PM Central time. We just had a big discussion about this very recording topic. Search for Lester Holt not recording as a reference. Anyway, it didn’t record tonight (Tues), so I started looking when it WAS going to record. Looking for...
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    Hopper, Joey, Wally combo?

    So the RV is put up and the RV Wally won’t be used for a few months, BUT can I do this in my residency.... Go from the Dish antenna to a splitter. Run one splitter output to the Wally and the other output to the switch which runs the Hopper/Joey combo. I know I can’t run the Wally on the output...
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    Picture going blank after 4K equipment upgrade.

    After upgrading my TV and receiver to 4K capability, my picture periodically goes blank. It was doing this before the upgrade, but it would just blank for 5-10 seconds then come right back. Now it blanks long enough for the TV to say Loss of signal. I’ve unplugged and replugged the cables...
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    Can I Wally EHD-> Hopper3?

    As stated, got some programs recorded on EHD from Wally. Can I transfer or watch these on my Hopper3? TIA!
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    Another H3 DVR recording issue

    About 2wks into being a new Dish customer. Searched the forums and found some DVR recording issues but not exactly my issue. Guess it could be the newest software but who knows. My issue is I tried to record Genius:Picasso on NatGeo last night. It recorded 16 minutes and stopped. Not sure why...