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    Bell in Arizona with a 1000.2 dishnet dish

    I'm trying to help out my snowbird uncle who currently has the mentioned dish on his condo. He realizes he can't get the 82 HD sat with bell that far south but he still wants to take his 2 boxes (a dual tuner hdpvr and a single HD box) to receive the programming from sat 91. The current lnb...
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    Setting up SWM

    I currently have a slimline 5 lnb setup and only one line of RG6 coming into the house. I want to use an HR22 and would like to go the SWM route instead of drilling another hole to run a second line of RG6 to feed the DVR. I am able to get my hands on a used SWM3 LNB, an 8 way wide band...
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    Signal/Transponder pattern for 99/103

    I currently use a slimline dish with the 5 lnb. My current signals are 85-95 on 101, 60-70 on 119, 75-80 on 110 On both 99 and 103, I get 20's to 30's on trans 1,2,5,6,9,10,13,14. I get all 0's on trans 3,4,7,8,11,12. I understand I may...
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    Retrofitting LNB to a 1.2 meter dish

    I would like to know if there is any way to retrofit the current 4 coax slimline 5lnb (or the newer SL3-SWM) onto an older 1.2 meter dish. The older dish has a smaller rectangle slot that housed the old single directv lnb - opening looks to be about 3/4" x 1 7/8". I would like to avoid...
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    Directv International Dish

    Does anyone know if the Directv International Dish (Model DTV36EDS) would take the slimline lnb or the new 99,101,103 lnb? I'm wondering if the sleeve that lnb fits into would be the same size (since its a directv dish ) and also how focal point would match up. I'm still trying to use...
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    AT9 vs AU9 signal strength

    I currently have a slimline dish setup here in Edmonton, 53N, 113W. The best I can get on 103b are signals in the 40's dropping down to the 20's at night with transponders 3,4, 7,8 never getting anything more than 0. The 101 sat comes in at 85-92. I'm wondering if I could expect anything...
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    slimline dish settings

    Is there a place where one could plug in their latitude and longitude coordinates to get the corresponding skew. Thanks
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    Directv signal/footprint

    I'm in the northern state of Alberta, 53 degrees N. Can someone point me to a footprint map of *D as I'm interested to know what size dish would be required. I'm only interested in using a round dish to get the main sat at 101. Thanks, Keith