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  1. calguy99

    Suggestions for FTA HD PCI Card and dish for a HTPC system

    Hi, I am building a HTPC system and I am thinking about adding a FTA PCI card to my build. I was wondering if anyone had suggestions on which card and dish would work with Windows 7. I want to record HD programming for playback on my HD TV and wanted to know if the Win 7 OS will do that...
  2. calguy99

    Will my Directv 18" dish work with any FTA reciever

    Hi I am thinking about buying an FTA receiver. I presently have DirecTV service with an old 18" round dish. If I purchase a FTA receiver and connect it to my present dish do you think I might be able to view any feeds to see if the receiver will work? and will the FTA receivers work with old...
  3. calguy99

    Question about Direct TV Local and Distant network feeds

    Hi, I was formally with Pegasus for about 5 years but last month I got switched back to Direct TV. Since I can't get any local TV stations via an antenna I was eligible for the Distant Network feeds from Direct TV. Yesterday I noticed that the PBS feed had been dropped from my channel line...