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  1. Davedirectv

    Scott Pilgrim: verses the world

    Had it's funny parts, had it's dumb parts. Overall it was an ok movie. I just didn't really get the whole vs. thing. Was it a movie? was it a video game? C+/B- grade.
  2. Davedirectv


    she's lookin old in this one, am i right?
  3. Davedirectv

    Eclipse and Airbender

    Fixed that for you. As far as Last Airbender, WTF. Enough said. M.Night Shamalama-ding-dong proves to me again, that his best movies are behind him. HYPE. all he is about anymore. bottom line. :rant:
  4. Davedirectv

    Get Him To The Greek

    Looks funny enough. Can't say I'll be seeing it at the theater.
  5. Davedirectv

    Iron Man 2 Film Review

    Although I watched this at home :D it wasn't as good as the first one , imho. But overall it was still a good movie, just glad I didn't pay to see it at the theaters.
  6. Davedirectv

    Clash of the Titans

    Ok, so I finally had a day off and had time to go and see this movie today. My thoughts overall is was a good movie, but a horrible remake of clash of the titans, if that makes any sense. I just think the director wanted to give the fans something new, and people are expecting an updated...
  7. Davedirectv

    Clash of the Titans Surprised no one has posted this yet. or maybe I missed it. Either way, anyone interested in this 3D remake?
  8. Davedirectv


    Can you say what the difference is between the IMAX 3d and the Real 3D?
  9. Davedirectv


    Went and saw this tonight with my son. Got to say I really enjoyed it, one of the better movies that I've seen lately. The new 3D special effects really brought me into the movie more then throwing things out at you. I was glad the director didn't repeat the whole 3D "OMG something just came...
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    Avatar Official Movie Website | In Cinemas December 18
  11. Davedirectv

    Paranormal Activity

    No way am I spending my money on this, Blair Witch was one thing. Quarantine was another. And that one monster movie, can't recall the name, where it's being filmed by the guy with a camcorder at a birthday party as the monster starts tearing the city apart. And everyone starts running in...
  12. Davedirectv

    Zombieland fun

    Pretty good movie. Gave it a B+ on my yahoo ratings The gore was so over the top, that is wasn't that bad. I mean the people falling off the theme park ride was pretty bad. And, the lady flying out the windshield was nasty. But, other then that it was over the top, kind of unrealistic.
  13. Davedirectv

    Post Apocalyptic Fun

    The trailer for Book of Eli I saw at the movies, reminded me of a MadMax type movie. Not sure what Fallout 3 is like, but I'm sure it was "madmaxium".:)
  14. Davedirectv

    Tom Cruise’s son to star in ‘Red Dawn’ remake

    They filmed a scene up here in Michigan the other day. Big explosions!
  15. Davedirectv


    Anyone interested in this one? Surrogates - The Official Site Opens 9-25-2009. Personally, I'm excited about it and looking forward to the interesting story line that I've seen so far. I just hope the movie delivers what the preview/trailers are leading to believe. Seems like a who-dun-it...
  16. Davedirectv

    The Men Who Stare at Goats

    "Well, the hooker thing, is definately a lie." LMAO
  17. Davedirectv

    Transformers 2

    Most likely that's what will happen in the 3rd movie, so by the time they get to the 4th or 5th it will be resolved, Besides, they are making 300-400 million on each movie, WTF do they care if they are crap movies?! Right? I mean this movie is like number 9 all time at the box office in the...
  18. Davedirectv

    G. I. Joe

    I simply wasn't impressed with the action enough to like the very very thin story line. Parts of this had some good moments, but overall it just struck me as artificial and no amount of special effects could over come that for me.
  19. Davedirectv

    I really really enjoyed District 9

    I saw this too, had a slow day at work. TBH it started a bit differently then I thought, but it was a very good movie and was honestly surprised how well it turned out in the end. This wasn't a big budget movie and the effects (affects?) were very good and convincing to me at least. I would...