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    I don't know why they have to make the channel shuffle such a big deal. My suggestion 1. Move - Informational Channel 250 to 259 2. Move - FXX 618 to 250 (FX is at 248) 3. Move - Mercury Media 222 to 318 4. Move - NBC Sports Network 220 to 222 4a. Move - NBC Sports Network Alternate 220.1 to...
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    FXX and FS2

    Just a friendly reminder Fox Soccer Channel (619) changes over Monday Morning (9-2) to the new FXX channel. Just wondering if there are plans to move it near FX or FXM also are they ever going to relocate FS2 closer to FS1?
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    MavTV moves to 214 starting 8/21, Fox Sports 1 to 219

    CBS Sports Network has moved to 221 this morning and NBC Sports Alternate is at 220-1. Fox Sports 2 is all but isolated with sports pack channels. I still believe FXX (Fox Soccer) will move once it goes live. I would live to know the plan for the 2 empty channels between ESPN and NFL Network...
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    MavTV moves to 214 starting 8/21, Fox Sports 1 to 219

    Also just read CBS Sports Network is moving to 221 on 8-21. Has anyone else heard this? If this is correct why will FS2 be in the 600s along with the sports pack channel and the FSN regional channels.
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    MavTV moves to 214 starting 8/21, Fox Sports 1 to 219

    I was wondering why my sports favorite channel favorites was less channels. I wonder what the plan is for the alternates for BTN.
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    Fox movie channel in HD

    GSN HD - all of the newer game shows since like 2009 forward are in HD format and the old one look better even if they are in 4x3 format.
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    Fox movie channel in HD

    FXM HD, GSN HD, and The Hub HD would be my next 3 picks for HD.
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    MavTV moves to 214 starting 8/21, Fox Sports 1 to 219

    It is a mess for sure. I agree it's time to move CNN and HLN with the other news channels. There is informercial channel on 250 that can be easily moved somewhere else so FXX is much closer to FX on 248. They could even shift Comedy Central currently on 249 if they want them back to back...
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    FOX Shuffle (FS1, FS2, and FXX) any updates?

    Do we have an update as to what to expect on Saturday August 17, 2013 when SPEED CHANNEL gets rebranded as Fox Sports 1? Looking at the guide today it looks like Speed Channel repeats are on tap for that day. The next question is, how will this effect Fuel TV (Fox Sports 2) and Fox Soccer...
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    "Move" questions

    Thanks for everyone's help. I haven't even put the old house up for sell yet. I will worry about that when that time comes.
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    "Move" questions

    I have actually physicaly moved but the locals I get (Joplin, MO & Pittsburg, KS) I am not satisified with the coverage they give for my Oklahoma County. I just checked and the Tulsa,OK locals (which is what I use to have at my old address) are strong enough to reach here. I know no one is...
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    ESPN Game Plan questions for Dish Network

    I am thinking about ordering game plan for the upcomming football season but have a couple of questions. Are the Game Plan games in HD? Also do blackout rules apply on the Game Plan games. Thanks for helping.
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    RSN games STILL not in HD?

    The other night I seen in the guide a (JIP) game in HD. So it's still an issue. I can't remember who it was, but the Kansas City game was SD only. I know FSN-KC has HD so there is no reason for Dish not to carry it with the addition of the 4 HD ALT channels. If someone can't wake up and turn...
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    When will PBS be in HD?

    Thanks for clearing that up. I wasn't for sure how all that worked.
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    When will PBS be in HD?

    Ok I have a question about the bandwith Dish is currently using. TBS HD is mapped to 139HD, 9499HD, 4139HD, 5555HD(AK), 5556HD(HI) then the RSN's like FSNSW is 416HD, & 5416HD. Then the locals you have are mapped to 2-69HD and somewhere in the 5000-6999HD range. Why does it have to be mapped to...
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    HBO Zone in free preview?

    I have reset all of my receivers still no HBO Zone on 308 or 9452. Yes I do have HD access. For some reason I guess it is not in the preview even though channel 102 shows 300-309.
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    Dammit Dish.............

    My frustration is I live in Oklahoma and love to watch the OKC Thunder. 95% of their games are carried by FSN Oklahoma (which is HD everytime they broadcast a game). One night its on 441 then 450 then 474, etc. Sometimes NBA TV carries them the same night as FSN OK. NBA TV is 100% HD but...
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    Dish HD vs Disney (DISH sort of won...)

    OWN HD took Disney HD (East) 9433 number and RFD HD took Disney XD HD 9449 number. I really don't see a solution comming soon or they would have assigned a different 9000 number for the 2 new HD channels. I wish they would resolve it sooner than later.
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    Moving equipment around in the house

    If I move my dual HD tuner to a location where it can not be connected to a phone line will I be charged an additional fee for that. Currently the dual HD tuner has a phone line connected and my 2 single HD tuners do not have phone lines connected. When I move things around 1 single tuner will...
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    Lost all HD on 129 orbital, did you?

    It was the loss of the 3 months free of Starz and HD Platinum. They really need to get that fixed if removing HD platinum removes all of your other HD channels. Just glad to have them back.