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    External Hard drive from one 722k to another.

    If I store shows on an external hard drive connected to my 722k, and then for some reason have to get a new 722k, will my recorded shows on the drive be able to play on my new dish box? Or does it have to be re-formatted all over again? Just curious.
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    Four seperate Dish DVR upgrade experiences.

    Dish is currently running a promotion to upgrade your DVR and get 3 months of Starz free. Myself and 3 other family members decided to take advantage of this. Dish calls it "Dishing it up" and it requires a 24mo. extension. The DVR upgrade is free "excluding the 922" and Starz will automatically...
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    Sluggish 722k menus fixed

    Just got my 722k installed yesterday. Upgraded from a 622. After the tech left I started playing around with the menu screen. I noticed it was much slower than my old 622 and that sometimes it would even skip button presses altogether. After searching around on the forums for awhile I found a...
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    Remote Access and Favorites.

    Is there a way to use my already programed favorite channels with Dish Remote Access? As it is now, it puts all the over the air channels that I have received even though some are hundreds of miles away and I could never record from them. Maybe I am missing it, but it seems it would be easy...