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    EHD question

    Thanks Ken! Just ordered a separate hard drive from Amazon. At least now when the receiver goes out, again, I won't have to worry about losing all my programs. Ugh.
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    EHD question

    Awe geez. I guess I don't understand what all this means. So, a couple of questions: How do you get the movies, shows, etc off the receiver onto the EDH? And when I do this, then how do you turn around and play this stuff? Please pardon my ignorance. :D I came here because I don't know...
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    EHD question

    This may be a stupid question but hang with me: If I use an EHD to get programming off my receiver, can that EHD still be used for other things (i.e. my personal music files, other downloads)? My second 722VIP I think is about to crash. When I got the EHD feature activated dish told me the...
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    ViP 622 & 722 Running Bug Thread

    Yes mine began doing that a few months ago. Seems to have started after this new menu "design" for recordings came about. Very irritating.