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    OTA Signal Problems

    I have the Hopper w/ Sling and the OTA module. When I scan for channels, the system finds some channels, but the strongest signal I get is 83. Most of the signals are very weak. Also, it doesn't seem to find many of the other OTA channels available in my area. Prior to the Hopper, I had the...
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    Better way to search for and add movies to My Rentals?

    Perhaps I'm missing something. I've been using the Dish receiver menu interface to add movies to My Rentals. It's very slow and clunky. Is there an online or app interface that can be used to add movies to My Rentals? I was looking at the Dish Network app on the iPad. It's very easy to search...
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    Premature Ending during Playback

    Sometimes, when playing a previously recorded show, the playback suddenly stops as if it's at the end of the recording. This can happen at any time during playback (2 minutes into the show, 10 minutes, 30 minutes). It seems to occur more often in OTA recordings, but I've seen this on satellite...
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    Can’t Recommend Dish 922 Receiver

    I’ve been meaning to write this report for a few weeks, but haven’t had the chance. I previously leased a Dish 722 (not the k receiver) and a 942 before that. Used to own one of the original Slingboxes, but that unit died on me. That’s another story. Oh, and I used to own DirecTiVo before that...
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    System Wizard Backup Not Working

    Under Settings, there's an option called System Wizard that let's you backup your timers, channel lists, favorites, etc. to your remote control. However, it's not working for me. I get a "Failed" message every time. Is it working for anyone else?