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    Hopper 3 System Test

    Hello every single day our Hopper 3 runs a system test, is this normal or is it failing? Please advise.
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    Help with wireless Joey

    Hello dish could not help me with this and wanted to send out a technician for 75.00. I have not used my wireless joey in at least 2 years, Now it will not connect we are 3 routers later. How do you do a factory reset. And before you tell me to go to the menu and push factory reset I have...
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    Joey 3.0

    What is the difference in a 2.0 and a 3.0? Does netflix work better on the 3.0? Please advise Thanks
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    Extra OWNED hopper 2

    Quick question.....If your hopper 3 was to break they could not put a hopper 2 on your account until the hopper 3 was to be replaced correct? So I might as well sell it on ebay when they install the hopper 3 correct? Or give it away?
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    Wireless Joey

    Ok I realize this is a weird question however, I was curious if the wireless joey's Ethernet port worked we are upgrading our network to gigabyte due to our service provider so new routers switches and all that good stuff. So is there any way to turn it on or am I stuck with the wireless system.
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    Old Topic New Thread 3 hoppers 3 joeys

    Ok I have done everything on earth from replacing hoppers to all switches to nodes I have followed the wiring diagram I have had this system from day one it works like a dream when you have two of the hoppers isolated from the third, the second you add the third to the system all hell breaks...
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    Hello I have three hoppers

    When I hook the third one up to network moca and wireless mind you this one is a hopper 2000 not sling, the other two are slings it causes a huge bog down. Now could this be caused by the fact that both the hopper 2000 and one of the sling both record prime time anytime because that is when...
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    3 Hoppers 3 Joeys

    Ok I have 3 hoppers and 3 joeys however, the downstairs hopper I never hooked up so it could see the two upstairs hoppers. Before I go hooking these up I wanted to ask someone because I have looked at diagrams and for the life of me can not find one with 3 hoppers AND 3 joeys what do you do...
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    Voice Remote

    I wonder how many peoples remotes are going to be accidentlly broken and have to be replaced by dish in Q2 by the dish protection plan lol. I know I have about 6 one might accidently make it in the blender, one might make it in the washer, a snow bank. lol
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    It's official I have now been been audited!!

    Boy is it a pain in the tucas I couldn't even read my kitchen tv it was one of those old square ones it took forever.. The funny thing is the tv died yesterday so new flat screen for there.
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    Directv question

    I have dish Network .......... AT&T is buying Directv I'm billed by AT&T so pretty sure at some point they are going to make me switch to Directv. So my question for you is are you allowed three of these Genie things and as many joey type gismo thingamobobs as you want. (sorry didn't know what...
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    Problem fixed after two years or however long hoppers existed

    So for two years 12 tech visits 7 hoppers later problem is finally figured out and they will be out tomorrow to fix it. And all of it was something called a TAP once removed my picture with no sound during PTAT from a different hopper disappeared. This was very irritating. Now my hoppers work...
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    When they install these, can they cause problems with your moca signal, I have had a problem since day one and it is isolated to when prime time anytime is recording you can not watch the machine that is recording prime time anytime and two other things from the other hopper it has no sound or...
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    Problem my main hopper goes you are not authorized to receive this programing.

    And it does it every day is should I just replace the hopper? I have to reboot it daily? Sent from my iPad 4 using SatelliteGuys
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    Did dish do something wonky yesterday?

    They added 4 new local channels to my box. I have two abc's now, Mytv, and 2 extra PBS,s. Sent from my iPad 4 using SatelliteGuys
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    Question on the hopper I own! I own it. its purchased.

    What would happen if I stuck a 4 tb hard drive in it would the hopper format it and keep going. Does anyone know?
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    Okay have no place to put this there is no ipad technical support part!

    But is any one else having a problem with the next button on there iPads and have to go all the way back to the top of the thread and press the next page? In the app? Sent from my iPad 4 using SatelliteGuys
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    New kind of weird problem?

    I have two hoppers on my main floor that are isolated from the third so we can take the third out of the equation, is it possible for one hopper to go bad and cause both hoppers on the that node to reboot simultaneously and the living room one keeps losing sound? And I just had them out and...
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    1600 PENN

    I don't think that's the answer to abc's modern family unless it really improves with its second episode. Sent from my iPhone using SatelliteGuys
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    PTAT addiction who has it?

    I have found since getting my hopper I watch almost everything that PTAT records now I know this is a choice but I just couldn't help myself because it was all there. Now they are starting to cancel shows so I ended up invested in a zillion shows that instead of the few that I had a choice to...