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    DIRECTV app and streaming

    I cannot seem to make this work. Cannot stream to my iPad in the house or to my iPhone out of the house. The info menu says my iPad and iPhone are connected to the receiver, however both iPad and iPhone say the are not connected to the receiver. I have internet connection working at the...
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    iPhone mobile dvr

    i cannot get my iPhone to register to my Genie, any suggestions? I have restarted the genie, the phone, deleted to app and reinstalled. Without registering I cannot seem to see my local networks.
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    Streaming apps

    so my local abc and directv are in a dispute. I have been able to see most ABC programs via the streaming on directv, however that is no longer working, only ABC, I assume due to the retransmission issue. I can download the iPad ABC app but it tells me to log in with a directv email. I am pretty...
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    DirecTV Off-Air Support

    living 80 miles from the main transmitters of our locals, we cannot pull any of them in, have to use the direct locals, which stinks in hard rains or bad weather.....
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    DirecTV + AT&T Wireless deal

    According to ATT if you go with unlimited data, you loose your ability to tether, if that is important to you.
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    retransmission issues

    I tried this, website keeps telling me it is not able to process my request, try again later. tried a tech chat, no luck.
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    retransmission issues

    You know how well that works. I have called and emailed both the station and directv, neither will take ownership in the problem, both blame the other.
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    retransmission issues

    Where I live, I am in the fringe of any of my locals, could get them prior to the digital transition, now the signal is too weak to pick it up.
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    Back with DirecTV

    My two year olds don't know how to operate double play. They just push random buttons which screws it up. The struggle is real......
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    Back with DirecTV

    The two features I liked about dish, the ability to see what tuners are watching what channel, thus you could join a tuner watching something you wanted to watch leaving the other tuners free. The other think I liked was that if you paused the TV and then accidently hit a channel change button...
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    retransmission issues

    In my local market, ABC is not viewable due to a retransmission issue. Is direct able to offer national ABC feeds in these circumstances. sure would be nice to be able to watch ABC programming. I can watch them on ABC on demand but are behind on the directv on demand, the ABC app for...
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    Forum Communications Blackouts

    just signed up with direct and has our install last week, this stinks..... I wish that when a channel was out, that the satellite company could insert a national feed in its place. I live too far from the broadcast tower to pull in the OTA signal.
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    Wireless Genie Install

    Hello all. was a dish sub the past few years, with ATT merger we changed to Direct. just had my install Thursday. Installer would not use the RG59 in the house, and instead did a wireless Genie install. what I have found is that the wireless clients are slower in responsiveness, go to change...
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    WTB: Hopper OTA Dongle(s)

    I have one, only used to try to bring in OTA, found out I live to far with the antenna I have. Its pretty much in new condition. Shoot me a PM if you want to buy it.
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    wireless joey........not many threads

    I am still running one off a wireless N adapter from dish via my router. it works well and I have no added 2 year commitment.
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    DISH’s Super Joey™ Now Available

    I agree, sad to add a 24 month commitment to upgrade.
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    DISH Reaches Long Term Agreement with DISNEY / ESPN / ABC

    yep the soon jokes are funny.....
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    DISH Reaches Long Term Agreement with DISNEY / ESPN / ABC

    Does anyone know when ESPN 3 will be opened up for Dish network customers? They still do not list it as a provider on their site.
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    Splitting A Joey. NEWBIE

    I run one wirelessly right now with a dish USB wireless adapter
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    Hopper Upgrades

    What would it cost me to upgrade to he's from my current hopper? DIRT?