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    Duplicate HD channels

    I live in Baltimore Co., MD. Recently my Comcast service has added a nymber of duplicate HD channels (like 811 as well as 211 for the NBC affiliate). Why?
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    Longer than 30 second skip available?

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    Longer than 30 second skip available?

    Is there a way to send a skip longer than 30 seconds? I was used to a 15 minute skip on Tivo. Motorola DCH 3416 HDVR Comcast On Demand HD Remote (silver)
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    Comcast/TiVO is here

    Agreed. I do miss the following w.o. Tivo: jump to beginning and slow motion. I'm probably missing something to accomplish those with the Comcast on Demand HD remote. Any suggestions?
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    Need Help with Recording with a DVR

    It does work fine - with either a VCR or a recordable DVD. You need to play the recorded show on the DVR the full time, though; you can't switch to live channel.
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    Comcast/TiVO is here

    I am still interested in the answer to nsafreak's question about the 30 second skip in Comcast-with-TIVO. I've gotten pretty fond of that function since I learned how to program it in. We used TIVO for years with DIRECTV and never had that capability.
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    ESPN Game Plan

    Has anyone subscribed to Game Plan through Comcast? Is it even available (Baltimore County), and if so is it in SD (as I suspect) or HD? I've had it for years through DIRECTV but have subscribed to Comcast HD late this year. If it's available and is acceptable quality I'll drop DIRECTV next season.
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    Tivo and Comcast

    I had no success getting the Seies 3 to work with Comcast using M cards.
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    after market cable box?

    And good luck with getting the cable cards to work with Tivo. I don't think Comcast has any interesting in getting them to. In my case 4 attempts failed.