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  1. mdonnelly

    Dish And ATT sign Deal !

    Amazing that Sears started as a catalog company, the 1800's equivalent of Amazon, but couldn't adapt to the internet age.
  2. mdonnelly

    Dish And ATT sign Deal !

    Competition requires some amount of regulation to keep the big players from acquiring the little players and shutting them down. That's why we have anti-trust laws. A completely free market leads to monopolies, and competition dies.
  3. mdonnelly

    Dish And ATT sign Deal !

    Mergers are free market capitalism in action. Big fish eat the little fish.
  4. mdonnelly

    Retailer Chat Tommorow

    Put Me In, Coach
  5. mdonnelly

    Lightning strike

    Gnarley dude!
  6. mdonnelly

    SatelliteGuys First Look - Hopper 4! (April fools!)

    Made me look!
  7. mdonnelly

    Is there a gift card promotion with new Dish customer signup?

    No, I just threw it away without reading.
  8. mdonnelly

    Is there a gift card promotion with new Dish customer signup?

    I got mail this week with a $300 gift card offer. Didn't take them up on it though.
  9. mdonnelly

    Leaving for the first time ???

    I left Dish about 3 years ago for Direct. I got a 2 year price lock, and I've gotten the price rolled back a couple times since that expired. The service is as good as Dish, the DVR and wireless receivers are very good. No regrets
  10. mdonnelly

    So is D!SH moving satellites? . . . Scam Call . . .

    We used Lotus 123 until the government made an agreement to license Microsoft Office about 15 years ago.
  11. mdonnelly

    What will happen if Dish and DirecTV merge?

    My head will explode.
  12. mdonnelly

    New Slab Installation

    I don't recall having the Pex in a PVC pipe when we did our kitchen addition 10 years ago. But looking back, I think it would have been a good idea (no, not for replacing it with copper :D).
  13. mdonnelly

    Roku vs Firestick streamers to supplement Hopper

    We have two of the 42" Fire TVs from Amazon, made by Toshiba. They are smart, 4K televisions with Alexa built in. You can download apps to the TV, just as you would with a Firestick. We also got a Firestick on Prime Day for the big 72" Sharp TV in the living room. That one is "smart", but...
  14. mdonnelly

    Dish Network's Charlie ergen in FCC crosshairs over wireless buildout

    My sister was training as a telephone line technician and fell off the pole. She broke her leg, but 6 months later she went back and went up the pole to finish her training.
  15. mdonnelly

    HBO/Cinemax Takedown

    Actually, AT&T doesn't stand for anything now, literally or figuratively.
  16. mdonnelly

    Cancelled Dish Today

    A few midwest hail storms will do that.
  17. mdonnelly

    HBO/Cinemax Takedown

    I remember seeing a few Dish/AT&T dishes around my neighborhood.
  18. mdonnelly

    HBO/Cinemax Takedown

    I remember pay phones, and phone booths. All gone the way of the dinosaurs. Probably satellite delivered television is going that way too.
  19. mdonnelly

    Cancelled Dish Today

    I thought it was for mobile entertainment. :oldsmile2
  20. mdonnelly

    HBO/Cinemax Takedown

    Analog: DSL