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    yeah there's been a couple of problems with the new channels in some parts of NJ i'd call CV and made sure they're aware of the problem
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    NFL Network, NBA TV, NHL Network

    wasn't dolan quoted ~a year ago saying that the only way we would see nfl net was if we got sunday ticket
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    New Channel coming in May

    Too bad they don't show Looney Tunes anymore. I couldn't tell you the last time I saw either that or Merrie Melodies.
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    New Channel coming in May

    Boomerang is a 24-hour American cable television channel owned by Turner Broadcasting System (a division of Time Warner: airs MGM, Hanna-Barbera, Warner Bros., Cartoon Network programs). The network debuted April 1, 2000. list of current shows: List of programs broadcast by Boomerang -...
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    Cablevision goes HD crazy!

    The new episodes of The Real World and The Challenge are in HD on MTV.
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    Cablevision goes HD crazy!

    The Real World is the only thing on MTV that's in HD, I believe. And I think E! does the red carpet shows in HD. That's like .1% of their programming combined in HD.
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    Cablevision goes HD crazy!

    Just the ones that were added a few months ago. The main premiums HD channels (HBO HD, SHO HD, etc.) are still non-SDV.
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    Cablevision goes HD crazy!

    Since they're both OTA channels that are going HD very soon.
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    Cablevision goes HD crazy!

    Funny there's no ION (WPXN) HD or Telemundo (WNJU) HD.
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    Cablevision Removing Analog Services

    1 analog channel takes up 1 full QAM, correct?
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    Sign a petition and keep Monsters HD on the air.

    i can't say i watched monsters HD all that much, as i'm not really into the thriller/horror genre but a couple of nights ago i couldn't sleep and i found this good british b-move "Horror Hospital" from the mid 70's. it wasn't too over the top, and i enjoyed it a lot.
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    The Voom Replacement Channels are...

    i only count 14 channels in the OP, but assuming it is 15, to add with the current 5 premium HD channels, that would put us at 20 premium HD channels fios has 43
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    new channels/services

    comedy central HD is live on channel 768 on long island today
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    Rumor, Unofficial, unconfirmed and unverified....Speculation on the next wave of...

    a lot of complains about history HD... it could be the evil sister of tbs and tnt Stretch on HD? in Modern Marvels in History Channel
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    What will be the new hd channels?

    i hope they free up enough space to stop the over compression
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    new channels/services

    there seems to be a little bit of confusion. according to hbk409, the mlb channel will be added sometime between dec 16/18, however that channel will not officially start broadcasting until jan 1. it'll probably be just a blank placeholder until then? (i think that's where the confusion is) i...
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    HD Picture / Bandwidth

    Also, several stations are broadcast by CV in 1080i when they should be in 720p, these include NatGeo HD, Speed HD, Fox News HD, and FX HD.
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    New NBC-HD suite channels plus Golf HD

    sci fi HD only has the HD logo when it is showing content in HD. that's better in my opinion that just putting the HD logo 24/7, to differentiate when they are showing HD or not short answer - when you see the HD logo, it's in HD; when you don't, it's not HD
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    New NBC-HD suite channels plus Golf HD

    not every show is in HD Cha$e (3-4 pm) was in HD
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    NHL Network HD free??????

    I'm getting "Not Authorized" on 791. I got the other 4 HD channels today.