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    St.Louis HD locals (PQ and SQ)?

    I used to have alot of audio sync trouble with the HD stl. locals. I havnt noticed that lately. But, I havnt been watching much tv. A friend of mine receives his HD locals with a OTA antenna. He said that his channels are clearer than my Dish HD locals. I dont know for a fact myself, but...
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    1000+ Upgrade is a joke.

    I was just rescheduled for the third time, now the install date is Aug 22nd. I wonder if the local Dish retailers have the 1000+ in stock, I may call around. I figure that if they reschedule me again and a local shop has them in stock, I may just pay the 49.99 and have it done. I figure that...
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    Letter to CEO...will it help?

    I have a work order in to install the 1000+. Original date of install was in the end of July, then they called a pushed it back to Aug 8th. But I never lost my sd locals.
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    St. Louis HD Locals

    I am new to dish, about 1 1/2 weeks now. I went through a local retailer, and told them that I wanted the dish that would receive the new hd locals. He assured me they would install what I would need. Well, yesterday I found out that I have dish 1000 and not the 1000+. Just called the dealer...
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    OTA HD Picture Size Question

    I think that the issue is, and I could be wrong, is that not all of the local programs are in HD. Just digital. Thats why you have black bars on all sides. If you watch a program that you know is being broadcasted in HD, see if you have black bars on all sides or just top and bottom. I know...
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    Is the 622 suppose to switch from sd to hd automatically?

    Thanks for the help bhelms. My tv is a HD tv and about 4 or 5 years old, its just not 16x9 widescreen. Back then I was afraid of getting a widescreen because most stations were in 4x3. I guess that I was just used to going from 480i 4x3 and filling my screen, to 1080 16x9(although with the...
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    Is the 622 suppose to switch from sd to hd automatically?

    Im new to Dish. Just switched a few days ago from Directv. Im very happy with my new 622 but have a question about it. Ive noticed that my 622 doesnt switch from 480 to 1080 or 1080 back to 480 automatically. I have to go in a switch it in the settings menu. Is it suppose to do it...
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    Question about weird black box that pops up with the d10

    LOL that was the trouble, thanks so much. Somehow my mother-in-law was messing wth the tv remote and changed that setting without knowing it. They still dont know how to set the clock on the vcr. I went to their house over new years and changed that setting, my father-in-law said that he...
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    Question about weird black box that pops up with the d10

    My father-in-law has the d10 and the past few months he will have a black box pop up about the 1/3 the size of the tv screen and it will have a web address in it of the channel that he is watching. Sometimes the address will repeat over and over inside the box. It looks like dos text. I...
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    HD chan on Sat 110 pixellating

    No, my channels are fine. I was having some funky stuff go on channel 79 a few monhs ago with green lines and pixelation. It turned out to be some cable interference with the cables behind my box. I just wiggled the box around and it all went away.
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    d10 features (lack of)

    I have a H10 and it has a miniguide. So I wonder why Directv says that its obsolete? I use the mini guide all of the time.
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    New to H10 Receiver - question

    Got it, thanks Jimbo.
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    New to H10 Receiver - question

    My audio says dolby digital on, and digital output pcm. Should I change the digital output, and if so how? I cant figure out how to change it, the only thing that I can change under the audio is language.
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    New to H10 Receiver - question

    In the directv guide it will say HD if its broadcasted in HD. The amber lights on the front of your H10 will be on 720 or 1080 and the broadcast will be in widescreen. Dont know how to tell if a program is in 5.1 except at the beginning of some programs it will say surround sound. Also, I...
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    Problem with channel 79(HDNet)

    I pulled my h10 out of the entertainments center to start unpluging wires to see if it would stop. No sooner I got the receiever out where I could see the wires, the lines disappeared. Guess it was some interference with the way the wires may have been intertwined. Anyway, thanks for the help...
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    Problem with channel 79(HDNet)

    Past few months I have been having trouble with channel 79, although tonight is particularly worse. The picture comes in sharp, however there are interittant lines that run across part of the screen. They are typically green lines, but can be any color. Sometimes there are clusters of these...
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    DirecTV picture not as good as expected...

    Thanks RiGGs, I thought that was the case. But when I read about the cables from bad to worse, I wondered why I had the worse (coax) coming out from the LNB's into the my H10.
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    DirecTV picture not as good as expected...

    Hopefully your close enough to Chitown to get some Giordanos now and then. My question is, and dont mean to hijack, is are there any alternatives to using coax from the dish to the receiver?
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    Reception/ Picture Quality

    I had picture and audio dropouts for a few seconds and the picture was rather dark with the Directv H10 when the box was hooked up through hdmi. So did many other folks. After going through the component hook up I have had no trouble.
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    update to H10??

    Here is what these guys are saying about the updates.