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    Recent cancel experience.

    Bottom line, Dish just simply is not competitive. Add in the equipment fees and it is just a no. We could go on trying to justify this, but let's not this time. This is a report on what the cancel process was like. Comments about how it is the channel providers' faults and how streaming eat up...
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    ION guide data "To Be Announced"

    What is being done to address this issue, and prevent it from constantly happening? Please note that "oh we're so sorry, we hope it is fixed soon" can be simply shortened to "nothing".
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    Can Orby DVRs access each other?

    The two tuners per DVR is at first blush a joke. But can two DVRs see the recordings on each other? Say program 1, 2, and 3 are on at the same time. Can I record programs 1 and 2 on 'living room' and record program 3 on 'family room', and later watch program 3 from 'living room'? Or is it on...
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    New On Demand UI very ugly.

    Yuck. I want the old one back. I refuse to use the new one and if that means I no longer use On Demand, so be it.