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  1. enoree

    Cut the Cord

    Just cancelled Dish, got 200MBS Fiber now amd doing Hulu Live with every channel I want for $78 versus $130 on Dish, and no loss of signal when it rains. Been a Sat sub since 1998, but tech has made it a dinosaur.
  2. enoree

    Signal strength

    My Wally has about 50-52% signal strength of 61.5 and 72 Sats, my locals are pixelated very badly. Is that a good SS number?
  3. enoree

    Bye Bye Dish

    My local coop phone Co. is running fiber down my road and the installers said it should be getting hooked up in the next week or so, as soon as my Dish contract is up, i will be pulling the plug and going streaming, for a lot less money, with no "total signal loss" messages anymore, and no QVC...
  4. enoree

    Cooking Channel

    Did they remove it? I use my voice remote and a message pops up that says it is not available on Dish, I was watching programming on it yesterday.
  5. enoree

    Switched back to Dish

    Just switched back to Dish, DirecTV pulled the plug on my local CBS station and I also lost the Smithsonian network, I have all my networks I watch on Dish for $59 vs DirecTV for $95, I will watch Smithsonian on my Fire Stick for $4.99 a month. DirecTV and it's games cost them this longtime sub.
  6. enoree

    AHC in HD

    Is DirecTV ever going to carry the HD version of AHC?
  7. enoree

    Dropping Dish because of no Fox

    Just got off the phone with ATT and ordered Direct for my Mom in Florida, she has had Dish for many years, but she likes Fox news and messaged Dish that if they did not get it back, that she was dropping them. ATT said they were swamped with new orders from people dropping Dish, Charlie putting...
  8. enoree

    Goodbye Dish

    My 211K started shutting off and rebooting by itself today, I did all of the usual things, but no luck so i called Dish, got to level 2 tech,got it back up for about an hour, then it shut off again and I had to unplug it to get it to start up. Gotta be a hardware problem. So, i called again...
  9. enoree

    Hopper Install

    Had a tech out to do Dishmover, as I moved next door, he had done a hopper Install the prior day, it was his first one and he said it was a real pain in the rear as far as setup and that each component has to be programmed one at a time and it took him till 11 PM to finally finish the install...
  10. enoree

    Military Channel no longer in top 200?

    When was the military channel removed from the top 200? I watched it several times last week, but to day it is not on my list, and dish lists it as only in top 250 package on their website. What happened here? Might need to switch to D* if they keep removing stuff I want.
  11. enoree

    Why would anyone have Charter?

    Why would anyone have Charter? Was at my GF house last night, in Spartanburg, she has Charter. Her phone and internet were out, she called their CSR , was put on hold for 45 min, never got back to her, she called back, was told that they could come out Friday between 9 and 2, she told them she...
  12. enoree

    No HD DVR upgrade at this time.per CSR

    Called Dish tonight to ask about upgrading to a 722 , have 5 months left on my commit, was told can not do a dish'n'it'up upgrade at this time, but I could buy one for $500. I can terminate for about $50 or so and go to D* and get their HD DVR for $99 up front and their total choice plus HD for...
  13. enoree

    Any new info about adding LIL's ?

    Any new information about local HD markets being added this quarter?
  14. enoree

    New E* Repair and Refurbish center

    E* announced yesterday that it is opening a new repair and refurbish center in Spartanburg SC, that will employ about 1300 people. They said they expect to have it up and running by late summer in an existing building in a business park off of I-85.
  15. enoree

    New Call Center

    I read in the Spartanburg SC paper that Echostar most likely will build a new distribution center and call center in Spartanburg, creating about 1800 jobs. Maybe we will get CSR's who speak English.
  16. enoree

    Looks like CES 2006 is a NON EVENT for HD

    So far nothing worth getting excited about, the usual BS type of stuff from E* and even less from D*.
  17. enoree

    Direct entry of local DT on 811 remote

    I looked all over the 811 user guide and found no info on how to do a direct entry on a local DT station like 4-1 or 21-2 . My H-10 D* box has a dash button so I can just enter 4 dash 1 and go right to my local DT station. Is there a way to do this on my 811 ?
  18. enoree

    GOT my VOOM this morning!!!

    Installer came right in the middle of the time window took about 1.5 hours, I already had an OTA deep fringe yagi on a 30' mast with a CM rotor and pre amp,so my OTA is great, 28 DT channels. The guy did a great job and the whole the install went great. My VOOM PQ is great compared to D*, but I...
  19. enoree

    need a switch box

    I am getting VOOM installed next tuesday,I have RCA F38310 with built in DTC100, but only 1 set of component inputs. I have a Zenith upconvert DVD player using the component inputs presently, I need an inexpensive component 2in1 or 3in1 switch, my amp has multiple 5.1 inputs so the audio is no...