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    New software upgrade DTV RCA DRD435rh

    New error too, about 1/3 of all drd435rh's are getting the "recovery mode" osd. If reset doesn't fix it we are actually replacing them for free.(i must have replaced 50 or so the 8 hours i worked tonight). *wonders how bad the programmers ass got chewed for this one.*
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    HD package pricing

    jus once, and the 4.99 mirroring fee like any additional rec.
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    Channel 84 - Olympics ?

    Ill double check when i get to work today. I coulda sworn it said the 14th :\
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    No Local Channels Richmond VA

    We can do better then that. when im setting up service calls and the next available date is far away like that i can put it in as a "escalation". See if you can have them do that, if they wont(or dont know how), request a sup. Sept 11 is WAY too long.
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    Channel 84 - Olympics ?

    Got a call about this tonight. ch 84 is scheduled to start airing the 14th(i know its a day late :() dont remember what bird, prolly the 110. Thats where most of our HD comes from. I do remember seein that you should be able to get it even w/out the HD pckg
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    Technician visit = $70?

    First its 30$ not 35. And the 30 is ONE TIME. The prot plan would be 7.99(since you gotta HD reciever) The prot plan would not start until 30 days after you add it, which is why we have the $30 charge. After the 30 days all equipment, svc calls, remotes, acces cards are covered. Also if you...
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    directv first impressions, and troubles

    Its been my experience around 8-9 pm central time our que seems to go down a little bit. Then later on around 11:30-2am central time. Sometimes i get 2-5 minutes between calls during these times. Try calling during these times.
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    Looking for answers... :)

    Yes but i believe we have a deal going on for new cutomers, 3 room system and install for like 49$(i'll have to double check next time i'm at work)If this is the case then you could just mirror 2 of the recievers and have the 3rd to one tv. Mny customer's don't realize that with directvthey...
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    Loss of Channels

    Also if you have 2 recievers running from a split sattellite cable split using a normal splitter, this can cause loss of some ch's.
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    New here

    5.99/month if you dont have dvr or hi-def :) The prot plan will cover any out of warranty equipment replacements, remotes or access cards. also any services calls(normally 70 bucks).
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    New here

    Thx for the welcome, and here is a tip tor any DTV cust. --get the protection plan!-- trust me its worth it :)
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    New here

    Hi guys hows it going. I just found this forum and it caught my interest. I just got a job at directv as a entertainment consultant(aka phone monkey :D) and have to say they treeat thier employees very well. Been taking calls for directv for awhile at a company they hired to do thier tech...