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    622 Dropping Like Flies

    For the 2nd time in about 9 months, my 622 receiver has failed. In both instances, I lost almost a full drive of programs. Is there a way to recover programs (or try to anyway) - isn't the 622 drive essentially a computer hard drive? Also is there a way to transfer programs to the EHD en...
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    Dish 1000 install ?

    1. The purpose of grounding is to protect people not equipment. Protection of equipment is incidental. If you have an incident and fry your receiver but nobody gets hurt it's a good day. 2. Grounding a satellite dish is always preferred. It does NOT increase the risk of a lightning...
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    CSR Questioning a "Move"

    The context of a post is important. If you read what I wrote earlier you will see the the sentence: They know how the internals of their systems work and you would have to be smarter than the average bear to pull off a move IF they really wanted to test you. No, CSR's don't normally get...
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    CSR Questioning a "Move"

    No more..
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    CSR Questioning a "Move"

    Well, let's leave the ethical issue aside for a moment. The comment to which I was responding was Originally Posted by dishrich Or even better - just tell them you ALREADY moved & are using the ALREADY installed dish at your new place, which is working just fine... Which will tell...
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    HD Distant Locals

    Are you sure? The future of video tape is Beta. The future of the automobile is the Edsel. The future of internet standards is OSI. Just because a technology or item is technologically superior (real or perceived) does not guarantee that the market will go that way. Many people would prefer...
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    Question about the legality/morality/ethics of "moving"

    E* is not one of the principals in a moving scenario. They are rather like the "fence" who trafficks in stolen goods. A mover is infringing the copyright of the owner of the content because he does not have a valid license to use the material.
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    Satellite Radio Can Do It.....Why Not Dish

    Satellite Radio has terrestial repeaters in major metro areas otherwise you would not have reception in buildings.
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    Lost my Baltimore enhanced locals

    1. SV are distants by definition. 2. The WMUR exception has nothing to do with SV status. 3. It is impossible to have a nationwide SV channel.
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    CSR Questioning a "Move"

    Which will tell them that you are a liar (and a fool).
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    Bill Gives Dish Access To Oklahoma Stations

    You are essentially correct but are conflating two issues. The copyright power applies without regard to the "public airwaves." Even if the content were being sent entirely by a cable, it is still protected by copyright (as limited by law). The prohibition on retransmission of a signal...
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    HD Distant Locals

    There is no such thing as "distant locals." There are local network stations (LIL). There are distant network stations (DNS). Significantly viewed (SV) (for DBS purposes) are a subset of DNS.
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    Dish Antenna DIY question

    I think they're blowing smoke. If you have exclusive control over the 2nd floor patio (called a "balcony" where I come from), you are free to attach the dish to the railing unless it will permanently damage it or cause a threat to the structural integrity of the building (or some part thereof)...
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    How many watts does the 622 draw?

    Don't forget to consider the power factor and that for a receiver the (true) watts will be different (lower) than the required VA (apparent watts) rating of a UPS. I don't know if E* has already taken this into account.
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    Adding Receiver

    I guess - why not? It works and has all the functionality I need. I have considered getting something newer but it appears that the UHF remote has gone the way of the dodo and I don't want to have to be LOS to change the channel. I have IR relays and all that but don't want to add more...
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    Adding Receiver

    Ok, what I was able to glean in between the jabs about my equipment :o is 110A | | SW-21#1---------------->[2700]--->[TV1] | | 119A 110B | | SW-21#2---------------->[5000]--->[TV2] | | 119B 110 LNBF output A to SW-21 #1 input1 119 LNBF output A to SW-21 #1 input2 SW-21 #1...
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    Adding Receiver

    CURRENT 18" (300) @110|------>SW------->[2700] ---->TV (living room) 18" (300) @119|------>21 DESIRED 18" (300) @110|------>SW------->[2700] ---->TV (living room) 18" (300) @119|------>??-------->[5000] ---->TV (bedroom) I want to minimize new purchases and reconfiguration...
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    Adding Receiver

    Current Situation: Two dish setup (110/119) with appropriate switch to one old receiver. Desired Situation: Two dish setup (110/119) to two old receivers. Questions: What switch setup to accomplish? Is single Dish500 required? New LNBF's?
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    Distant Network Information

    Not a bad guess but not it. In some situations (like mine) it is not an error. Here the first part (no) was separated in order to provide softening and focus. Combining into one sentence - "No but I can..." sounds threatening. In my version there is an inherent pause (waiting for the...